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We have just finished JOTI/JOTA for this year, and a good time was had by all! Interesting things this years were; The use of KNOPPIX live Linux distribution for the workstations; the Cubs were not phased by it at all … Continue reading

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Big Read Top 100 list

I have been working on my version of the Big Read Top 100 list The BBC released a list of the UK’s 100 best loved novels. Since then, it seems, the list has been circulating the blogosphere as an ever-evolving … Continue reading

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Elections [2]

I know where you live …

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Elections !?!

Liberal Vote:40.7% Swing:+3.3 Surviving Howard Three more years of Howard. One thousand days of mourning. Any suggestions for ways to cheer ourselves up? HONESTY in government, ETHICALITY in the government, HONOUR from a leader. It looks like we as a … Continue reading

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Introduction to Dérive

dérive: an experimental mode of behaviour linked to the conditions of urban society; a technique for hastily passing through varied environments. Also used, more particularly, to designate the duration of a prolonged exercise of such an experiment Dérive :: One … Continue reading

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Extreme walking!!! ( AKA Parkour)

Whether you refer to the discipline as a sport or an art or like to call it by the name – Parkour, Le Parkour, Freerun, Free running or plain old PK … Plug pulled on BBC Inside out The planned … Continue reading

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Office BOF – might be exploitable

SANS Handler’s Diary October 7th 2004 Office BOF – might be exploitable Well, next week will bring another round of Microsoft patching goodness, a hint of which came from Secunia: “HexView has discovered a vulnerability in Microsoft Word, which … Continue reading

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Titan Arum (Amorphophallus titanum)

The flower should last just as long as the election campaign; any similarities drawn from the fact that this flower attracts pollinators by a smell of carrion and looks like putrid flesh and any current political campaign is purely co-incidental … Continue reading

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Mount St.Helens

Mt St Helens Volcano at Alert Level 3. Dangerous eruption possible within 24 hours… Activity over the weekend has increased the likelihood that Mount St.Helens could errupt again in the near future. All of this after we have just come … Continue reading

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World’s Speed Record for sailing a bellhop luggage cart

Reading the SANS Handler’s diary this morning to determine what threats are new in cyberspace for today when I stumbled across the following …  SANS Handlers Make Land Sailing Record Attempt Dateline- Las Vegas Written by: An anonymous handler (however, … Continue reading

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