North Pole Record

“The Barclays Capital Ultimate North Expedition is aiming to solve the greatest mystery in the history of polar exploration. Led by British explorer Tom Avery, the team is attempting to recreate Robert Peary’s disputed expedition of April 1909, when he claimed to have discovered the North Pole in a record 37 days…” [0]

Five explorers (Barclays Capital Ultimate North Expedition Team) using huskies and wooden sleds reached the North Pole yesterday, setting a world record by coming in several hours earlier than a 37-day trek by American explorer Robert Peary for the same journey in 1909

North Pole expedition breaks world record [ABC]
Wednesday, April 27, 2005. 6:01pm (AEST)

A five-person team using huskies and wooden sledges has set a world record by reaching the North Pole in 37 days.

The British-led expedition was just a few hours faster than American explorer Robert E Peary, who completed the journey in 1909.

Some historians doubted Mr Peary’s claim, despite it being recognised by the National Geographical Society.

The British team used similar equipment and travelled in the same style as the Peary expedition to prove that it could be done.



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[2] An 18 year struggle to reach the Pole
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