InterMapper – Part III

*About time!*, I hear you say.

After being sent the Platform migration license (04-Apr-2006), I finally have InterMapper 4.4.2 working on Agra [Restricted Access] Unfortunately, Intermapper 4.4.3 has now been released so I now need to update the version – which I will do before I proceed with any further configuration 😉

Time to pick up the v4.4.3 Debian Linux (x86) Debian 3.0 Package! [3,4]

2006-04-27-map1.jpg 2006-04-29_cantseeagra.jpg

and the access lists are working pretty well …

[1.] InterMapper – Part II
[2.] InterMapper – Part I
[3.] Read Me First : 4.4.3 Debian [Intermapper]
[4.] [Intermapper]

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