SecondLife II

Why am I still looking at SL for work? This will give an indication;

17 different universities are teaching in Second Life. [1]

Looks like Tracy wasn’t the only avater signing up last night 😉

The virtual world of Second Life reached a population of 200,000 residents today {April 27, 2006}, doubling its size since the last milestone of 100,000 residents was reached just over four months ago. [2]


But even as a Grid, it has its downside;

Another denial of service attack hit Second Life last night, taking the virtual world offline for roughly two hours. In what has become a standard method of attack, a user launched a self-replicating 3D object that multiplied more rapidly than Second Life’s infrastructure could support, resulting in the “grid” that constitutes the virtual world grinding to a standstill. [3]


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