2006-05-16 This weeks links [Late is better than never :)]

VR Room upgrade :: $4M!
Iowa State University researchers say more than $4 million in equipment upgrades to Iowa State’s six-sided virtual reality room are essential to their research. The upgrades will produce more realism, transmit more information and help attract more projects.
The most realistic virtual reality room in the world [Iowa State University]

Virtual Darfur, and why I don’t get invited to technology conferences anymore
Ethan Zuckerman’s blog, ” … I wondered how Sibley, a guy with a tremendous social conscience, could be so excited about a platform that involves so few people and has such high barriers to entry – if Sibley really believed in global inclusion and economic development, why work in a walled garden occupied mostly by highly wired alpha geeks? …”
http://www.ethanzuckerman.com/blog/?p=545 [Ethan Zuckerman]

Warning on search engine safety
Some net searches are leading users to websites that expose them to spam, spyware and other dangerous downloads, reveals a report.
DANGEROUS KEYWORDS: Free screensavesr, Bearshare, Screensavers, Winmx, Limewire, Download Yahoo messenger, Lime wire, Free ringtones.
Sharing Experience [BBC]

Changing your tune
If you want to expand your CD collection – or just your musical taste – new websites are recommending songs you are bound to love.

there are signs of more sophisticated attempts to recommend music based on a person’s individual taste. While each has flaws and the technology is in its infancy, the development could point the way to something wonderful.

Changing your tune [The Age]

Age-morph 30 years!
The “morphing machine” software has just been made available by the Scottish Executive on www.infoscotland.com/experience.
Follow the path: Share your experience > Ageing Software >

With Scotland’s ever ageing population you might wonder how you will look in the future. The facial transforming software developed at St Andrews University is a fun way to take a peek into the possible future.
Once you have entered an image of yourself the software will transform your facial image for an idea of how you might look at 65-70yrs old.

Sharing Experience [InfoScotland]

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