AG3 released!

May 3, 2006: AG 3.0 Release Available [1]

AG 3.0 Release Highlights [2]

  • Jabber client integration
  • Integrated meeting schedule viewer
  • Improved venue navigation
    • View all Venues on server, exits from current Venue, or MyVenues
    • Tree-based perusal of Venue space (without entering)
  • Added VenueClient user preferences
  • Certificate no longer required by VenueClient
  • Improved control of media tools through VenueClient
  • Multicast indicator on VenueClient
  • Integrated per-Venue Multicast Beacon client
  • Integrated beacon matrix
  • New bridging facility (available in any venue)
  • Encrypted network communications throughout
  • Simplified node configuration through discovery of node services and service managers on the local subnet (via Bonjour)
  • RAT: silence suppression off by default
  • VIC: stale streams time out and are removed
  • VIC: try to match source port to destination port before using ephemeral port as source (simplifies firewall handling for vic)
  • Windows users: WDM capture device support, enabling use of capture cards with newer drivers (e.g. Winnov, iTuner)

Access Grid Toolkit 3.0 – Windows [3]
To install the toolkit, install each of the software packages in order, Python 2.3, Python win32 extensions, wxPython 2.6, Bonjour and the Access Grid Toolkit 3.0.

AGTk 3.0 co-exists with 2.x versions of the software. You do not have to remove previously installed 2.x versions.

Software – Windows [3]
Python 2.3 Python win32 Extensions wxPython 2.6* Bonjour Access Grid Toolkit 3.0

* Download wxPython 2.5 if you need to have both AG2 and AG3 installed on the same machine, and need to use the SharedBrowser; otherwise, wxPython 2.6 is recommended.

[1.] Access Grid Toolkit [ANL]
[2.] Access Grid Toolkit 3.0 [ANL]
[3.] Access Grid Toolkit 3.0 – Windows [ANL]

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