When terrorism is state sanctioned II

Each coffin represents a single person killed in the on-going conflict between Israel and Lebanon. I will be updating this page daily with new numbers taken from BBC’s coverage on the conflict. For comments and suggestions please email me at info[at]moiz.ca [1]


Lebanon damage report [2]
Summary of the main Lebanese infrastructure damaged by Israeli bombing in the two weeks since the conflict began on 12 July, according to the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs.

Security Council fails to condemn post attack [3]
The United Nations Security Council has failed to condemn this week’s Israeli attack on a UN observer post in Lebanon, which killed four peacekeepers.
The attack on the post in the town of Khiam killed peacekeepers from Austria, Canada, China and Finland.

The Security Council has adopted a statement saying it “is deeply shocked an distressed by the firing by the Israeli Defence Forces on a United Nations Observer post in southern Lebanon on 25 July, 2006.”

But it stops short of condemning the bombing.

Diplomats say the US refused to agree to any statement which criticised Israel.

The policy statement, which carries less weight than a resolution, is weaker than one proposed by China and other nations. …

[1.] Israeli/Lebanese Coffin Counter
[2.] Damage in maps: Lebanon damage report [BBC]
[3.] Security Council fails to condemn post attack [The AGE]
[4.] Timeline: Key events in Middle East crisis [The AGE]

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