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Thinking of a datastream?

Blogject [Wikipedia] Blogject is a neologism coined by Julian Bleecker for an object that gathers metadata about its interaction with people, other objects, or its environment. Just as people can blog about their interactions in the world, blogjects similarly gather … Continue reading

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TDF – And the fat lady sings!

Wow, what an unpredictable tour! Yellow Jersey (maillot jaune) “General Classifiaction”: GC Team Country Time 01 LANDIS Floyd PHO USA 02 PEREIRO SIO Oscar CEI ESP 00′ 57″ 03 KLÖDEN Andréas TMO GER 01′ 29″ 04 SASTRE Carlos CSC ESP … Continue reading

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This weeks links (2006-07-24)

Something to think about The best business solution is not always the best technology solution. The burden is on you, the technologist, to make the best system the business will use. There are two basic types of processes in business: … Continue reading

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Hack Bill!

Newest Skillz H@ck1ng Challenge Is Up Hack Bill! [1] Hello, challenge fans! Ed Skoudis from Intelguardians here, ready to introduce a freshly baked hacker challenge to tickle your fancy. I’m really excited to announce that, this month, I’ve asked one … Continue reading

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Australian Rights Wrongs

Going the wrong way on rights [1] Brian Walters (President of Liberty Victoria) … How has Australia slipped so far behind in our recognition of human rights? One reason is that Australian debate about human rights remains poorly informed, because … Continue reading

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TDF – Second Rest Day (Monday 17)

A bit late with the post, as Monday night was the second rest day of the Tour. Now we are in the Alps, and I wasn’t going to write things up instead of watching the Alpe d’Huez live stage coverage … Continue reading

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Sun’s new adverts for OpenOffice, the free and open-source office software suite, are rather pointed. us-opolies Other slogans include, “Stop giving a bully your lunch money”, “Compatible with expensive, closed, memory loving software”, and “Prehistoric reptilians welcome.” [1] Pick a … Continue reading

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