This weeks links 2006-11-27

Add graphics to your blog, book, or presentation
People pay attention to graphics. They respond to graphics. They learn from graphics. If you want your readers/learners/audience to “get” something as quickly and clearly as possible, use visuals. And you don’t have to be a graphic artist, designer, or information architect to put pictures in your presentation, post, or book. This post is my first attempt to categorize the kinds of graphics I do here, and offer tips for creating visuals that tell the story better and faster than words.
Add graphics

Web Conferencing: Rich Media on the Desktop
No more jerky videos and voices-today there’s a brighter web conferencing picture.
Until recently, the words “web conferencing” conjured up the image of small-framed and jerky video that was akin to bad cartoon animation. Voices would speak, but there would be no movement on screen. Video would often freeze. Viewers would have to draw on stores of patience as they helplessly waited for the picture and sound to adjust to each other.
During the past few years, a number of companies have improved web conferencing software, making it more of a viable option for online learning and other applications. The proliferation of broadband has also helped push the trend, allowing senders and receivers to stream rich media right to the desktop with fewer snags. …

Pleo, the sensitive robot
Behold the majesty of Pleo. It’s a robot, coming out in the second quarter of 2007, that exhibits emotional reactions to its surroundings. So far, companion robots have been a big flop in the market, but Pleo maker Ugobe hopes to succeed by pricing it for around $250, lower than other companion robots, and giving consumers ways to program it. Pleo [CNet]

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