You call that broadband?

After Helen Coonan’s bleating earlier this month, It’s good to see there are no illusions with our major Telco;

Sol backs Murdoch over ‘disgraceful’ broadband
(November 29, 2006 – 2:36PM)

Telstra chief executive Sol Trujillo said today he agrees with media mogul Rupert Murdoch that Australia’s access to high-speed broadband is a disgrace.

Mr Trujillo said that developed countries such as the United States, Canada and Germany had or were planning to provide regulatory relief to facilitate investment in broadband infrastructure.

Well Doh! The OECD Broadband Statistics (December 2005) show that Australia is ranked 17th in broadband subscription rates of 20 developed nations. The UN has even gone so far as to declare Broadband the new utility. It will be interesting to see how Coonan-the-Barbarian worms here way out of this! Open mouth, change feet, continue … ?

Considering some of the statements the Minister made at the 2006 Andrew Olle Media Lecture, it would be interesting to find out where she digs up her advice (do you really think she knew what she was talking about, or do you think she was reading someone elses speach?) … and why she can’t get as good a feed from her networking advisors as she gets on Web2.0?

Rejecting the complaints of News Limited’s Rupert Murdoch and James Packer that Australia lags behind world standards, Senator Coonan said the Government remained committed to ensuring all Australians had access to broadband.

Some of the stuff is valid such as ‘Digital Imigrants vs Digital Natives’ but the general feeling I get is that we have a Communications Minister who is little more than a Digital Imigrant who is struggling to picture the digital goodlife (I thought that the party line was – Back in line you queue jumper!) rather than a communications/technology visonary.

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