Whale Safe Beer?

That’s right Whale Safe Beer!

{Looking back over Visible Procrastinations on this site I see I haven’t had a conservation or environmental post … what is the world coming to? By training I am actually an Ecologist (Botany, Zoology, Conservation Genetics) so occasionally (or more than occasionally) I’ll hammer an Ecological issue. Back to our regular program …}

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has never caused a single injury to any person since the organization was founded in 1977. Thirty years with an unblemished record of non-violent intervention is a record the society is very proud of, and intends to keep. Sea Shepherd is not a protest organization. The Society intervenes only against illegal operations in accordance with the principles established by the U.N. World Charter for Nature.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been blogging on the Whale Safe Beer site for this season’s whale campaign involving both the Farley Mowat and Robert Hunter in Southern waters. This season the Japanese have a six ship fleet involved in whaling activities centered on the Nisshin Maru factory ship.

It has been interesting to see how much of a political football things became as the Sea Shepherd ships were stripped of their registration while at sea. This was due to pressure from the Japanese Government placed onto the national where the ships were registered (Robert Hunter = UK, Farley Mowat = …). This means that docking risks detention unless the ships can obtain new registrations. Both ships are currently returning to Melbourne, due to low fuel supplies.

The Greenpeace ship the Esperanza is also shadowing the Japanese fleet.

{Sometimes I think that Greenpeace and the Sea Shepherd, have as much bad feeling between each other as they have towards the whaling …}

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