Psst bud … want an Ethereal Frodo?

Found on eBay last night …

even though I made and have had this bloke for a while now I’ve only just started using him in LOTR games. I was originally very happy with the work I did on the model but, to be totaly honest, he’s pretty easy to misplace in between games and even during them. So, although it was a lot of effort to convert him then get him to actually be invisible and ethereal its time to let him go. Its just too much work for me to keep track of where he is. I’m never even 100% sure I’ve got him when I’ve got him.

Postage is high because with a model of this rarety and coolness its just silly to take chances so it will only be sent registered and must be signed for at the other end.

Although I will take every care to seal the package I take no responsibility if this ethereal model somehow slips through the packaging and is lost forever.

Good luck and enjoy 😉

Ethereal Frodo

Q: Does this model come with a base?
A: I cant remember. I am pretty sure I made up a scenic base but its also ethereal and I cant, with any certainty, tell if its still there or not. My kids used this one a bit so it may have come loose mate.

Q: Hi, it’s not clear to me from the picture – is the ethereal Frodo painted or unpainted?
A: I’ve got to be honest mate. Although I’m not normally a good painter, I really did a great effort with this model. About 3 times in fact. Unfortunately, the paint never seemed to stay on past a day or so.


[1] Ethereal Frodo [eBay]

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