Moving to Outlook

As part of the University’s migration to eXchange we have migrated from Eudora (mail client) and Oracle Calendar (calendaring) across to Outlook. Not surprisingly this has created a few productivity issues as we leave our tried and trusted techniques for somewhat uncharted waters.
(Especially true for those of use with 2000 mail filters that could be exported from Eudora to Outlook!)

I’ll list some of the workflow changes that I make as I find them;

(1.) How do I get Outlook Flags to work similar to Eudora Labels?
Naming and Effective Use of Outlook Flags

(2.) How do I re-direct mail rather than forward?
Looks like this is not possible without 3rd party add-ons 😦

(3.) How do I view the mail headers?
Viewing Internet headers in Outlook is not the easiest thing to do…. What is this thing that claims to be a mail client? 😦
Open a message
i.) choose View | Message Header (show more header details From:, To:, cc:)
ii.) choose View | Options. The headers are shown in Internet headers: dialog.

[1] eXchange Project [UniMelb]
[2] Outlook Tips [UW Colleges & UW-Extension]

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