Eclipse of the Moon – August 2007

Australians will have the prime viewing position for the total lunar eclipse set to appear on Tuesday evening, August 28. According to the National Science Week website, this is the best chance to witness a total lunar eclipse in Australia since 2000, and the best until 2011. — ABC [1]

For tonight in Melbourne;

6:51 Begins
7:52 Well covered
8:37 Full Eclipse
9:22 Well covered
10:24 Ending
11:21 Finished

Mooncam 1 James Cook University, Townsville (ABC)
Mooncam 2 Sydney (ABC)

Almost there (James Cook University, Townsville)

We had too much cloud at 7:00pm and the Moon was popping in and out of sight until about 8:30pm. By 9:00pm the sky had cleared and we had a great view, even managed a few photos.

Pink Moon (Melbourne, Australia)
Eltham_Mob Flickr Pool : Eclipse of the Moon – August 2007

[1] Total lunar eclipse 2007 [ABC: Backyard]
[2] Eclipse of the moon, August 2007 [ABC: Science]
[3] Don’t Miss Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse [WIRED]

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