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Build yourself a bootable Ghost USB key

Ramon asks in a comment on the GHOST boot disks for HP dc7700 (III) post; Any way I can get both disks on 1 usb drive? Below I go through the steps used to make a bootable USB drive and … Continue reading

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Removing U3

Having looked at the U3 drives in the Portable Applications on a thumb-drive post, we have a number of the drives where we need to remove the U3 software. Why? Looking in disk manager we can see that the U3 … Continue reading

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This weeks links: 2007-09-12

International Talk Like A Pirate Day September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Talk Like A Pirate Day is an original concept created in a moment of temporary insanity by John Baur and Mark Summers. Parallels Updates … Continue reading

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What’s new with Skype this week?

First up we have a Skype worm A worm is currently spreading which is specifically aimed at Skype users. Known as Ramex, Skipi or Pykspa, it abuses the chat function of Skype to send a short message containing a link … Continue reading

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Patch Tuesday Wednesday (SEP-2007)

Welcome to Black Tuesday for September 2007. We have 1xCritical, 3xImportant patches for our entertainment, three of which are detected via Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer. A restart will be required. Bulletin KB number Description Severity Impact Software MS07-051 938827 Vulnerability … Continue reading

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Patch Tuesday, a Heads Up. (Sep-2007)

A *heads up* for this months Patch Tuesday offerings from Microsoft : 1 x Critical and 3 x Important. Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer can be used to detect 3 of the 4 updates. What’s up for a patch? Windows 2000-SP4 … Continue reading

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While evaluating some software yesterday we needed a quick tool to check and monitor the network traffic to see what impact the package was having. The software needed to show TCP and UDP ports, and let us drill in to … Continue reading

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