Geocaching in Second Life

The worlds first cache that crosses over to a virtual world???

That’s correct folks there is a geocache in Second Life Virtual Geocache (GA0483) on Geocaching Australia. [1]

Virtual Caching

So how about ‘in world’ geocaching?

Second Life residents can travel to Houlihan, pick up their in-world GPS unit and locate their first cache. The GPS unit is a held item that beeps with increased frequency the closer to the cache. They can then log into the geocaching website and log their find. [2]

Second Life : Geocaching in SL

This will need further investigation 😉

[1] Virtual Geocache (GA0483) [Geocaching Australia]
[2] SLG In the News Again [SLGEOCACHING]
[3] Geocaching in SL (2007-April-04) [SL Games]

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