More Australian university rankings (2007-Oct)

Ross Williams from Melbourne University’s Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research has ranking the international standing of Australia’s 37 public universities using a scoped methodology;

Overall in research, ANU is ranked first followed by Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland in that order. If scope is ignored Melbourne is first ranked followed by Sydney, Queensland and ANU in that order. — Ross Williams, Melbourne Institute [1]

At the top end of the rankings, allowance for scope moves ANU to first place but the ordering of the other GO8 universities remains unchanged. The result is not surprising given that the ANU medical school is relatively new and the staff profiles of the seven state based GO8 universities are similar. — Ross Williams, Melbourne Institute [2]

[1] Ranking Australian Universities: Controlling for Scope – Executive Summary(PDF) (2007-Oct) [Melbourne Institute]
[2] Ranking Australian Universities: Controlling for Scope (PDF) (2007-Oct) [Melbourne Institute]

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3 Responses to More Australian university rankings (2007-Oct)

  1. Good post. Thanks for the links… I think ANU is still on top… 🙂

  2. Worldranking says:

    Go8 universities are the best in Australia!

  3. Tom says:

    Melbourne Business School (Australia) is also ranked as the best MBA school in the Asia-Pacific region:

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