Skype at 640 by 480 pixels

… Video chats using Skype, eBay’s popular Internet telephone service, are about to become sharper and more lifelike, at least for those who have high-end new computers and webcams.
Logitech International has released driver software for three webcams that allows them to connect Skype chatters at a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels, the same resolution as a DVD. … [1]

The supported cameras are;

You’ll also need;
Skype 3.6 for Windows (expected to be available in November – currently in beta)
Logitech QuickCam software, version 11.5 (expected to be available in November – currently available )

How do I make high quality video calls?
Logitech webcamThere are a couple of technical bits and bobs you’ll need to have before you can start making high quality video calls. Firstly, you’ll need a webcam that can take high quality video. Secondly, these video calls will require a dual-core processor in your computer. Lastly, high quality video calls require sufficient bandwidth (we recommend 380kb and above). [3]

Don’t try this on dial-up folks 😉

[1] Sharper Skype video chat (2007-OCT-31) [The AGE]
[2] Skype and Logitech announce High Quality Video (2007-OCT-30) [Skype Blogs]
[3] High Quality Video calls [Skype]

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