Apple pushes Safari via Apple Update

UPDATE: A new release (or version) of a piece of software that is generally understood to be an error correction release and does not contain new functionality. (as opposed to Upgrade)


If you have a current version of iTunes installed on a Windows machine the chances are that you also have Apple Software Update (ASU) installed. Now this is a good thing, using ASU you can keep your versions of iTunes and Quicktime patched and up to date.

Apple have decided to leverage their install base for iTunes and push their Safari browser our via ASU. Safari will be listed as a software update even if you do not have Safari currently installed. This is behaviour is so wrong!

My gripes:
1.) This is not an update, this is a new software install. This product should not be distributed via an update mechanism.
2.) The select box is ticked by default and you cannot remove the product from your update options.

Apple once again shows that it is not enterprise IT savvy 😦

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1 Response to Apple pushes Safari via Apple Update

  1. Software Update — Did Apple Do Enough? (2008-Apr-20) [SANS]

    (…) I don’t have a Windows machine, so I haven’t been able to experience this myself, but apparently Apple issued an update to Software Update last week that moved Safari down to a block called “Optional Downloads”, instead of being labeled as an update. Well, it’s a great step, but I still am of the opinion that Apple didn’t go far enough. Safari is still checked by default!? (…)

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