Daylight savings 2008

From 2008 the ACT, NSW, South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania will all start daylight savings on the first Sunday in October and end on the first Sunday in April. This introduces common start and finish dates in these states.

Victoria returns to Eastern Standard Time on Sunday 6th April 2008 at 3:00 a.m. and clocks go back one hour.

The extension of Daylight Savings in 2008 may have implications for some computer systems if they have not been updated to the new finish date.

[1] Daylight Saving Time – Implementation [Bureau of Meteorology]
[2] Preparing for daylight saving time changes in 2008 [MS]
[3] Updating Windows Mobile devices for the new Daylight Saving Time [MS]
[4] FYI – Daylight Savings End – Reminder – 6 April 2008 (2008-Mar-20) [UNIMELB]

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3 Responses to Daylight savings 2008

  1. lisa says:

    this web site is wrong,Melbourne puts their clocks forward one hour

  2. Paul says:

    No, the site is correct, in April we (Victoria) put our clocks back an hour, and just last Sunday, put them forward an hour.

  3. @lisa
    Paul is correct this information was for the the end of daylight savings back in April 2008. 😉

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