Nero BurnRights

This one has been sitting around as a DRAFT for too long. I’ll publish it now and clean it up afterwards 😉
Nero BurnRights is of great use in our Multimedia lab for managing our Bravo CD/DVD burn and print robot.

Nero BurnRights [1]
* Why do I need Nero BurnRights? Since Windows 2000 and Windows XP do not grant access to low level drivers for users without administrative rights it’s not possible for them to burn CDs with Nero.
* What is the purpose of Nero BurnRights? Nero BurnRights allows users without administrative rights to burn CDs with Nero. The administrator is able to setup user accounts with exclusive “burn rights” for Nero.
* How do I use Nero BurnRights? Please download the installer file and doubleclick the file to start the installation. Please make sure that you are logged onto the system as administrator. You will find a new entry in Start/Settings/Control Panel/Nero BurnRights. Doubleclick it to start the application.Note: If you select “Members of User Group Nero” you will be asked to agree the generation of a new user group “Nero”. Every change of the Rights Level Settings requires a reboot (including the reset). Now you can add users to the group “Nero”.

The Nero Burn Rights installer can be downloaded individually from the Nero web site or you can find it in the Nero Toolkit folder from Version 7 of Nero. (Nero- contains BurnRights v2.0.0.6

The download version isv1.0.0.12
Current version is listed as Nero BurnRights v2.1.0.10 (Nero- has BurnRights.exe v2.1.0.10 with control panel v2.0.0.6)
The three options are:

  • Administrators – Only administrators can use Nero and write CDs.
  • Everyone – Everyone on my computer can use Nero and write CDs.
  • Nero group – Nero BurnRights creates a new group named Nero and only user(s) in this group can use Nero and write CDs.

The program is installed as c:\windows\system32\NeroBurnRights.cpl


[1] Nero 6 [Nero BurnRights] [Nero]
[2] Nero 7 [Nero BurnRights] [Nero]
[3] Nero 7 [User Guide / Help File for Nero BurnRights] [Nero]

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5 Responses to Nero BurnRights

  1. luis alvarado says:

    I need burnrights,please.

  2. @ luis alvarado

    The Nero Burn Rights installer can be downloaded individually from the Nero web site;

    cheers 🙂

  3. JR says:

    Conversely…. if you do not have any Nero product installed, and/or you know you do not need Nero BurnRights, and it is installed, perhaps from a previous usage of Nero products…

    GET RID OF IT. De-install Nero BurnRights from your system, if it is installed, or if you find it as an entry in the Add/Remove Programs section under the Control Panel.

  4. @JR
    There are occasions where you will not have Nero installed but you will use Nero BurnRights. We use BurnRights in some of our computer labs so that we are able to use Proxima CD/DVD robots although we are not using Nero for the actual burns.
    That said, as with any product, if you don’t need it remove it.

    cheers 🙂

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