Olympic Spirit?

Olympic Spirit vs Human Rights

Tibetans may upstage Olympic torch relay
Pro-independence Tibetans are threatening to upstage the Olympic Torch Relay when it passes through Canberra next month on its only stop in Australia.
The torch will visit the nation’s capital on April 24 on its way to China for the start of the Olympics on August 8.
“We will use the focus on Canberra and the torch to highlight the current situation in Tibet and to call for the torch not to go … through Tibet and up Mount Everest,” Australia Tibet Council executive officer Paul Bourke told AAP. (…) — (2008-Mar-25) SMH

US Climbers protest Olympic torch in Tibet
The Olympic torch, bound to climb Mount Everest in May, is unexpectedly turning into the loudest voice for human rights violations in Tibet and China yet. — (2008-Apr-04) MountEverest.net

(…) It is worth noting that the Dalai Lama has opposed a boycott of the Games. The danger, of course, is that demonstrations for a boycott will inflame the situation. It will make it harder to establish negotiations in a meaningful way and will do nothing to resolve the question between China and Tibet. It would also delay the possibility of negotiations about an agreed future as part of China. Whatever is done now should contribute to an ultimately peaceful, negotiated solution. (…) — (2008-Apr-09) Malcolm Fraser

I’m really in two minds about this. I would think politicians boycotting the opening address and countries allowing protests along the torch route would have more benefit than an athletic boycott.

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[2] A boycott will endanger a peaceful solution for Tibet Malcolm Fraser (2008-04-09) [The Age]

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1 Response to Olympic Spirit?

  1. Ben Keeler says:

    It is a shame that the athletes who have worked so hard to make it to this point are going to get caught up in this nonsense.

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