OziExplorerCE Development Version 2.03e

OziExplorerCE Dev
I have finally bitten the bullet and moved from OziExplorerCE Dev 2.01 (December 2007) to OziExplorerCE Dev 2.03e ( April 2008 ).

New splash screen

New map interface

* 2.03a – Added ability to load .loc and .gpx geocaching file formats as waypoints.

* Please note that if you have used a previous OziExplorerCE development version it is advisable to delete the OziExplorer2.cfg file as this may activate toolbars, task bars etc which are no longer part of the standard supplied interface so there may be no way to deactivate them.

* A new menubar has been added, this is the main interface for OziExplorerCE and replaces the menu and toolbar.

* Tomtom .ov2 poi files can be loaded.

* number of waypoints has been increased to 10000 – to handle this many waypoints the drawing of waypoints has been changed. Please note that all of the 10000 waypoints will still be processed and displayed, the limitations below apply per screen and don’t affect the usability of the waypoints for normal use.

OziExplorerCE Settings Manager
OziExplorerCE Settings Manager has also been updated to version 2.03d, with the release of Development Version 2.02 ( January 2008 ).

Probably more surprising is that my “production version” that I have been running on the PDA is actually Beta 1.12.3e3 (August 2005) …. just a few versions behind the current Version 2.18 ( 2nd June 2008 ). I think this may need an update *chuckle*. Better late than never?

NOTE: OziExplorerCE – Version 1.12.3 or later – can load the Geoscience Australia NATMAP’s without conversion to the special OziExplorerCE format. The (.map) file and the (.ecw) file for the map are copied to the storage card.

[1] OziExplorer CE – Development Version [OziExplorer]
[2] OziExplorerCE History [OziExplorer]

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