This weeks links (2008-06-16)

Professor: Web 2.0 an awkward fit for the academic world
YouTube may make a lousy place to hold a class, but that doesn’t mean that the YouTube experience isn’t shaping the expectations of students, especially those engaged in online learning. Those expectations are not being met by universities, where most online student support systems have a rigid, hierarchal structure modeled on the university itself. According to an essay by a professor at the Open University in the UK (OU-UK), this mismatch between expectations and reality create a challenge for the university system, one that it may be poorly equipped to meet. …
Professor: Web 2.0 an awkward fit for the academic world (2008-Jun-19) [ars technica]

SocialLearn: Bridging the Gap Between Web 2.0 and Higher Education
Martin Weller has an interseting post on e-Literate;

Higher education faces a challenge. It may not now it yet, but it does. And the challenge is this – when learners have been accustomed to very facilitative, usable, personalisable and adaptive tools both for learning and socialising, why will they accept standardised, unintuitive, clumsy and out of date tools in formal education they are paying for? …

… I would suggest that the reason the centralised LMS is not the answer to the ‘web 2.0 problem’ for education is because in its software DNA it embodies the wrong metaphor. It seeks to realise the principles of hierarchy, control and centralisation – the traditional classroom made virtual. This approach won’t help educators understand the new challenges and opportunities they are now facing. …

SocialLearn: Bridging the Gap Between Web 2.0 and Higher Education (2008-Jun-16) [e-Literate]

It’s the Stephen Colbert Puppet Challenge!
The Colbert Report’s continuing refusal to acknowledge the Puppet Colbert’s attempts to get on the show are shameful! All the Puppet Colbert wants to do is appear on the show, and the Report won’t even respond to his request.

Boys into Books 11–14
This report aims to provide information about titles which might attract and enthuse boys of 11–14 about reading for pleasure.
boys-into-books-11-14.pdf [School Library Association, UK]
via ThisWeek List from the Curriculum Corporation

Diesel Sweeties eBooks
Released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license.
Here’s the full set of 10 eBooks collecting the first 2,000 Diesel Sweeties comics. All are PDF files which you can save to disk for your offline enjoyment.

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