This weeks links (2008-10-27)

Interesting to see how popular the BBC7 titles are doing on the BBC iPlayer rankings;

… We’ve had quite a good week on the BBC iPlayer, with six BBC Radio 7 titles in the top eight “most popular” radio programmes.
These were: Doctor Who (peaking at no.1 on Tuesday) The News Quiz (no.4, Monday and Friday), The Navy Lark (no. 4, Wednesday), Sherlock Holmes (three separate titles: no.7 on Tuesday, no5 on Thursday & Friday), Revolting People (no.7 on Thursday and Flight of the Conchords (No.6 on Friday).
I do find it amusing to see our archive programmes jostling for places in the chart alongside The Archers, The Chris Moyles Show, and Russell Brand! As a small digital only network, we certainly seem to be holding our own.

BBC Radio 7 Newsletter – Friday 24th October

MELBOURNE: Wednesday 29 October, Casey Plaza, RMIT (Bowen Street enter from LaTrobe Street in Melbourne CBD). Screening starts at 7pm sharp.

Come and hear the tales – tall and true – of Australian adventurers Chris Bray and Clark Carter who have just become the first people to successfully traverse the world’s ninth largest island.
After spending a combined 128 days traversing the largely unexplored island – Victoria Island, in the Canadian Arctic – our young adventures are back to tell their story.

Paddy Pallin Newsletter

Australian Lecture Tour Details
In May, Chris Bray (then 24) and Clark Carter (then 23), both from Sydney, began hauling, paddling and dragging 500kgs of equipment and supplies behind them in unique carts they designed and built themselves. Their mission: to cross 700kms of snow, frozen lakes, mud plains, boulder fields, tundra, endless jagged ice, shattered rock and even rapids.

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