Censorship Minister Stephen Conroy

Censorship Minister Stephen Conroy
Proving you can’t have too big a turkey for Christmas;

THE Federal Government’s controversial internet censorship scheme may extend to filter more online traffic than was first thought, Broadband Minister Stephen Conroy revealed today.
In a post on his department’s blog, Senator Conroy today said technology that could filter data sent directly between computers would be tested as part of the upcoming live filtering trial.
“Technology that filters peer-to-peer and BitTorrent traffic does exist and it is anticipated that the effectiveness of this will be tested in the live pilot trial,” Senator Conroy said.

— (2008-Dec-22) [news.com.au]

When was it to start again? Looks like someone has some overtime during the Christmas break … perhaps we can just “turn on the filter switch”.

… A live trial of filtering technology is scheduled to begin this week, but internet service providers have so far been kept in the dark over the details.
Less than a week before the trial was due to begin, participating ISPs Optus and iiNet said they had not been told if their applications had been accepted …
— (2008-Dec-22) [news.com.au]

Minister Stephen Conroy has even started to blog (?) regarding the issue; unfortunately like most of this process the blog was more for looks at was scheduled to turn off at 3pm on the 24th Dec 2008 BEFORE any actual trial results can be evaluated.

One element of this program is the Government’s proposal to introduce internet service provider- (ISP-) level internet filtering. I’m aware that this proposal has attracted significant debate and criticism—on this blog and at other places in the blogosphere. I’m following the debate at sites like Whirlpool and GetUp and on Twitter at #nocleanfeed.
The Government takes the issue of cyber-safety extremely seriously and welcomes public debate about how we can achieve our goal of protecting children from harmful internet content. We wouldn’t have set up this site (or published negative comments on it) if we were trying to close down discussion.

Minister Conroy on: Promoting a civil and confident society online (2008-Dec-22) [Minister Conroy]

Ok Minister there is a vast difference between following and listening to. Perhaps rather than just following you start listing to some of the opposing opinion especially when some of the opinion if from the experts in the field;

The System Administrators Guild of Australia (SAGE-AU) represents professional system administrators across Australia. System administrators are the technical people behind commercial networks and computing systems, large and small. Accordingly, we believe SAGE-AU is in an excellent position to contribute to the discussion of the technical issues with your Department’s proposed network filter. Our Code of Ethics (1) requires that we communicate with users regarding computing issues likely to affect them; and thus we feel it essential that we explain these issues to you. … The proposed Internet filter cannot achieve its stated goal
Open letter from SAGE-AU to Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy Stephen Conroy (2008-Dec-18) [SAGE-AU]

I don’t think Conroy is listening to anyone at this point. This will go down in history as one of the most ill conceived plans ever produced by an Australian government.

Senator Ludlam questions Minister Conroy

Newstopia Internet Filter Parody Ad
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4 Responses to Censorship Minister Stephen Conroy

  1. Full credit to Senator Stephen Conroy for being the bravest man on the Internet, declaring BitTorrent filtering a possibility. — (2008-Dec-23) Australian PC Authority

    The move is supposedly aimed at filtering child pornography and terrorist websites, though rather than actually doing something about illegal content like tracking down criminals, they’ll just filter peer to peer traffic along with a static blacklist of sites while ignoring obvious details such as false positives and the civil liberties problems inherent in this approach. — (2008-Dec-22) TechSpot

    Australia’s online censorship czar revealed his desire to expand the government’s Internet filtering trial to include dodgy download traffic in reaction to criticisms lodged on the country’s Digital Economy Future Directions website that was launched this month.
    That online forum has been flooded with public commentary attacking Senator Conroy over the government’s Internet filtering ambitions.

    The Australian government seems to think that ‘free speech’ merely means having the right to complain, but that the so-called ‘free’ Australian public shouldn’t expect its views to have any effect on government policies.
    — (2008-Dec-22) The Inquirer

  2. Lesley Dewar says:

    Contact The Hon Stephen Conroy with your concerns about the proposed “Clean Feed” programme that will bring the internet almost to a standstill in Australia. http://is.gd/dG3C

    We cannot stand by while we slide into a murky grey world where no one knows who or why the censorship is being imposed and it become a political tool.

  3. Lesley Dewar says:

    Pity we don’t still have a cricket mad Prime Minister. The Cricket Pitch http://is.gd/ewJi

  4. Lesley Dewar says:

    I have published a post that shows the complete absurdity of the Clean Feed rules.


    It would have the site from which I sourced the link BANNED – go and have a look, have a laugh and then get every Australian you know to tell Federal Members of Parliament that Australians do not want censorship that would put us amongst the top 10 most censored countries in the world – including Korea and Iran.

    But, if we get “clean feed” here is Australia, I would not even get to ask you to look at these photographs, because the site would be BANNED. Now that is censorship!

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