More internet blacklist & filtering fail

ABC television’s Q&A program – Episode 7 – 26/03/2009
Q&A live from Melbourne
On the Q&A panel were Stephen Conroy – Minister for Communications, Greg Hunt – Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Andrew Bolt – Provocative Columnist, Louise Adler – Publisher and Susan Carland – Muslim Sociologist.

[Download this episode of Q&A as MP4]

Blacklist snares Bill Henson fan site
… Colin Jacobs, spokesman for online users lobby group Electronic Frontiers Australia, said: “With an abortion site, the Peaceful Pill Handbook and Bill Henson photos all now revealed to be on the blacklist, claims that the list only includes the ‘worst of the worst’ of the web are sounding like those over-emphatic defences of Guantanamo Bay.”

Greens Senator Scott Ludlam said: “It’s a classic example of that scope creep. They say it’s about the worst of the worst but before you know it it’s expanding to cover other kinds of material.” …

Blacklist snares Bill Henson fan site (2009-Mar-27) [SMH]

‘Oh no, we won’t block sites for political reasons’
Who watches the watchers?

Conroy admits blacklist error, blames ‘Russian mob’
… Senator Conroy, under siege after this website’s report yesterday afternoon that an innocuous link containing Henson’s artistic photographs of young boys had been added to the blacklist, said “the classification board looked at this website and actually said it’s PG”.
“A technical error inside ACMA I’m advised included it … but it was actually cleared by the Classification Board so it shouldn’t be on the list,” Senator Conroy said.
“I’ve asked ACMA in the last few hours to go through their entire list again to see if there are any other examples of this.” …

Conroy admits blacklist error, blames ‘Russian mob’ (2009-Mar-27) [The Age]

I think we are now at the point where this system’s credibility (along with the Minister’s) has sunk below zero and into the negatives.

‘Caching error’ caused Henson blacklisting
… The Australian Communications and Media Authority said in a statement that a link to innocuous PG-rated artistic photographs taken by Bill Henson was incorrectly included on the list in the period December 1, 2008 to February 19, 2009 as the result of a “computer system caching error”. …
‘Caching error’ caused Henson blacklisting (2009-Mar-27) [The Age]

A caching error, who are they trying to kid? After fed being this crock as an answer we are supposed to trust the ACMA with technical internet solutions; boy are we in trouble!

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