This weeks links (2009-06-22)

Magpies Massacre !
COLLINGWOOD 6.3 10.6 16.9 26.13 (169)
FREMANTLE 2.2 7.3 11.5 13.7 (85)

Collingwood then flicked the switch in the fourth quarter as the Dockers tired – booting 10 goals to two to turn what was shaping as a good victory into a demolition. …
Magpies tear Dockers to shreds (2009-06-27) [The AGE]

I’m not dead yet …
Looks like Visible Procrastinations died in New Zealand this morning while filming a movie in New Zealand …. ( It’s a pity some of the media didn’t check their facts too closely before reporting Jeff Goldblum dead in the same sort of accident 😉

Geeky (Re)Discoveries
10 Geeky (Re)Discoveries as a GeekDad (2009-Jun-21) [Wired: GeekDad]

Firefox 3.5rc3
Firefox 3.5 Release Notes Release Candidate v.3 (2009-Jun-24)

20 years since the University of Melbourne connected Australia to the Internet

Wednesday marked 20 years since the University of Melbourne connected Australia to the Internet.

On the night of the 23rd/24th of June 1989 Robert Elz, of the Computer Science Department at the University of Melbourne, communicated over the Internet with Torben Nielsen in Hawaii. The first message sent over the Internet to Australia was “Link up …”, sent to Robert on the Sun server named “munnari”.
20 Years of Internet in Australia [Whirlpool]

For the first six months or so, the link remained in the care of Melbourne University. Then AARNET took over, but the physical link to the Internet terminated at Melbourne for at least six more years.
The Network Anniversary (This article was published in The Age on 22 June 1999)

* It started with a ping – Internet marks 20 years in Australia [Unimelb Newsroom]

Students moving away from email?

… I am curious if anyone else in higher education noticed that the last couple of classes of freshman do not use email at an increasing rate. It has been my observation that the spam problems along with the growth of social networking sites like facebook and twitter that this future generation will continue the trend away from traditional email delivery in lieu of other forms of messaging. This seems to be causing some problems within the higher-ed community with how to officially communicate to students without looking like spammers ourself in these other communication venues. Perhaps a new crisis on the way for those of us who must do “official spam” to our organizations. …
— Scott Fendley
Situational Awareness: Spam Crisis and China (2009-Jun-20) [SANS]

Public Sphere #2 – Government 2.0: Policy and Practice

Government 2.0: Policy and Practice moved to it’s own post 🙂

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