Wake-On-LAN for iMacs?

Wake-On-LAN for iMacs?

Last week I completed the “Mac OS X Deployment v10.4” training in Sydney where the trainer told me that Wake-On-LAN will only work if the Mac in question is in sleep mode -i.e., you can’t wake up a Mac that has been shut down.
Topic : No Wake-On-LAN for powered-down Macs? (2007-APR-26) [Apple:Support]

Mac hardware (OS X)
Modern Mac hardware features integrated WoL functionality, controlled via the OS X System Preferences Energy Saver panel, in the Options tab. Marking the “Wake for Ethernet network administrator access” checkbox enables WoL.
Apple’s Apple Remote Desktop client management system can be used to send WoL packets, but there are also freeware and shareware Mac OS X applications available.

Wake-on-LAN [wikipedia]

Energy Saver Settings
It would appear that the Mac doesn’t have a “true” WOL functionality as it will only wake from sleep mode. This is surprising as the Intel NIC’s have had this functionality for a very long time 😦

(Need a crash course on WOL? Try Introduction to Wake-On-LAN [activeXperts])

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