This weeks links (2009-06-29)

When too much Fail is not enough …
There, I Fixed It.

Patching problems for home users
Time to update updating on PCs for 3rd party apps (2009-Jul-02) [SANS]
Unpatched Bloatware on new PCs (2009-Jul-02) [SANS]

Another list of crap to read?

If you make Twitter into another list of crap to read, you will be sad. The sooner you realize that Twitter is just a list of crap, the happier you’ll be.
Twitter: Let the Information Wash Over You
(2009-Jun-29) [Scott Hanselman’s]

July, The Month of Twitter Bugs
The Month of Twitter Bugs (MoTB) has kicked off.

… July 2009 will be Month of Twitter Bugs.
This blog will be used for posting the vulnerabilities. …

Month of Twitter Bugs (2009-Jun-15) [twitpwn]

… Today, three years after the “Month of Browser Bugs”, I’ve decided to declare July 2009 as “Month of Twitter Bugs” (MoTB). I’m doing so in order to raise the awareness of the Twitter API issue I recently blogged about. MoTB could have been easily converted to any other “Month of Web2.0 service bugs”, and I hope that Twitter and other Web2.0 API providers will work closely with their API consumers to develop more secure products. …
Month of Twitter Bugs (2009-Jun-15) []

Free Music Giveaway

@MSWindows How about 1,000 + songs for #musicmonday – ^JT

… Click to download new music, completely free, brought to you by your music loving friends at Windows. You’ll see (but not hear) some ads on your screen in addition to the album’s cover art, which is how we keep your new tunes from costing you a cent. …

Firefox 3.5
Mozilla will release the next major version of Firefox on Tuesday, June 30, Webmonkey has learned. Mozilla confirmed the news Friday afternoon. …
Firefox 3.5 Will Arrive June 30 (2009-Jun-26) [WebMonkey]

June 2009 Web Server Survey
In the June 2009 survey we received responses from 238,027,855 sites, an increase of 2,137,329 on last month. A reduction in activity at Microsoft Live Spaces was responsible for the large drop in the number of Microsoft-IIS sites detected. Apache retains the dominant market share of 47.12%, approximately 112.2 million sites in total, and saw a modest increase in market share of 0.63 percentage points this month. …
June 2009 Web Server Survey (2009-Jun-17) [Netcraft]

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