Ghosting an HP 6930p

The HP EliteBook 6930p Notebook PC can cause a whole new world of pain for you with your existing Ghost toolset. Here’s a quick snapshot of how we put together a workable solution with our tool set.

1. Update the BIOS (version F.0F or later.)

The current BIOS does not have the option to turn off Bit shift for hard disk drive (HDD) translation mode. This prevents using a ghost image to image the notebook PCs. [4]

2. Set the BIOS to IDE instead of ACHI

In some of the new systems (specially with AHCI), Ghost (and DOS) will not see the hard drive at all. [1]

3. Move ghost.exe from \ghost\ghost.exe to the root of the boot disk

We solved this simply by moving ghost.exe to root folder. Remember to edit your autoexec.bat. [1]

4. Do not use Ghost 11.5 (GSS2.5), drop back to Ghost 11.0 (GSS2.0)
{Ghost 11.5 (GSS2.5) cannot see the local Hard Disk!}

5. Update the driver “e1000.dos” for the Intel 82566GB NIC
Download Center
* Intel 82566 Gigabit v14.0 (1-APR-2009)
* Intel 82566 Gigabit v14.3 (23-JUL-2009)

NOTE: Treat the HP EliteBook 2530p in the same manner as the HP 6930p

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4 Responses to Ghosting an HP 6930p

  1. geoff says:

    Nice post.

    You have a link for Experts Exchange in this post, but it goes to a page that requires you to log in. If you have an account with them, you can actually post a link to the logged in version of the site by using ‘share it’. There is a greenish button on the right side in between the question and the answers, clicking this button will give you URL that you can use to post on your site.

    • @geoff
      sorry about that link, it did have the answers towards the bottom of the page when you scrolled down … that’s why I generally do not refer to Experts Exchange posts 😦

      • geoff says:

        No worries, (I have an account) I just wanted to let you know that if you had an account you could show people the logged in version using the share it feature.

  2. Manny Frananny says:

    Thanks for the great info, I tried all the above and the last one I tried worked for me: “Do not use Ghost 11.5 (GSS2.5), drop back to Ghost 11.0 (GSS2.0)”.

    Just a note for future readers: GSS2.0 is shorthand for “Ghost Solution Suite 2.0”. I installed it (lucky to have a copy laying around) and simply pulled ghost.exe (version 11.0.1) from the installation folder in Program Files and copied that over ghost.exe (version 9) on my bootable thumb drive. Worked like a charm.

    More info: I believe that the problem with the 6930p and Ghost might be an IRQ conflict between the network driver and the SATA driver. Somehow Ghost 11 works around that. Note I did not modify the BIOS to make ghost work. (I had changed the SATA to IDE but I reset back to defaults). Damn IRQ conflicts, I thought I was back in 1995 and moving jumpers around. 🙂

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