stsmixtures 8-Oct-2009


Lucy Suchman speaking on ‘Robot Biographies’ from York University, Toronto at the final STS Mixtures on 7/8 October. {7:00am on 8th October in Melbourne}

Connect to the stream via The webstream will only become active half an hour before the conference is due to start. Instructions [PDF] for the webstream to watch Lucy Suchman on 7/8 October

Stream & Presentation via Media Site Viewer

Having more successful viewing opening the stream in Windows Media Player directly

PowerPoint slides [PPT] for Lucy Suchman’s video conference seminar

Presentation via Adobe Connect Pro.

Acrobat [PDF]Paper
Lucy Suchman & Claudia Castañeda Robot Visions [PDF]

There is opportunity for those on the web stream to ask questions for Lucy Suchman live via Twitter
@stsmixtures [Twitter]
search?q=stsmixtures [TweetGrid]

@ingermewburn Robots reproduce ‘hetero normative notions of gender’. For example most people who have a ‘roomba’ floor cleaner give it a female name.

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