filters & arrogance

Stephen Conroy’s hubris knows no bounds, this weekend he was pushing ‘for the filter to go ahead regardless’.

MINISTER for Communications Stephen Conroy has vowed to push on with his controversial internet filtering scheme, despite a barrage of criticism.

”This is a policy that will be going ahead,” Senator Conroy said. ”We are still consulting on the final details of the scheme. But this policy has been approved by 85 per cent of Australian internet service providers, who have said they would welcome the filter, including Telstra, Optus, iPrimus and iinet.”
— (2010-May-30) [The Age]

That would be Senator Conroy speaking on behalf of the ISPs, regardless of their actual stated opinion regarding the filter;

A spokesperson for iiNet today said the company had been in touch with the office of Communications Minister Stephen Conroy to complain after he claimed it was in support of the Government’s filtering policy.

“We’ve been in touch with Senator Conroy’s office to reaffirm that we don’t support the filter and requested him not to misrepresent our position,” they said.

— (2010-May-31) []

The Age ran a poll with the initial story asking “Should the government filter the internet?”

Poll: Should the government filter the internet?
Yes: 1%
No: 99%
(86,703 votes votes)

That is 99% of 86,703 votes not wanting the Government to filter the internet, even allowing for an inaccurate poll this is still a statistically significant result. Isn’t the government supposed to represent the public? This attitude would go along way towards explaining why one in four voters is now alienated from the two major parties.. Pushing against that sort of public opinion is an arrogance that should see Senator Conroy loose his seat at the next election.

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