This weeks links (2010-08-30)

In brief:

Icons of the Web
We retrieved each site’s icon by first parsing the HTML for a link tag and then falling back to /favicon.ico if that failed. 328,427 unique icons were collected, of which 288,945 were proper images. The remaining 39,482 were error strings and other non-image files. Our original goal was just to improve our http-favicon.nse script, but we had enough fun browsing so many icons that we used them to create the visualization below.

Why private offices beat open plan

For us, private offices were non-negotiable. Over the years we’ve had fully open plan, only offices and a combination of both. In my experience, closable offices for each team member are by far the best configuration for a software company. I think Paul Graham said it best:

After software, the most important tool to a hacker is probably his office. Big companies think the function of office space is to express rank. But hackers use their offices for more than that: they use their office as a place to think in. And if you’re a technology company, their thoughts are your product. So making hackers work in a noisy, distracting environment is like having a paint factory where the air is full of soot.”
Paul Graham, Great Hackers

Of course, I can understand why open plan is popular. It works for small teams. It’s flexible, cost effective and gives the illusion of great communication. But the moment a team grows bigger than a few people, cracks start to appear.
The new Campaign Monitor office (2010-Aug-24)
[Blog – Campaign Monitor]

Overheating Garmin GPS Recalled (2010-Aug-30) [Smarthouse]
The affected units are: nüvi 250W, nüvi 260W, and nüvi 760 sold at Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, GPS Oz, Everything GPS, and Dick Smith from September 2007 – July 2009.

French Spiderman Alain Robert arrested after climbing Sydney’s Lumiere building (2010-Aug-30) []
FRENCH stuntman Alain Robert has been taken into police custody after climbing up the outside of a skyscraper in Sydney’s CBD.

Asian food festival, Melbourne, 1 – 30th September 2010
Melbourne dining comes alive with hot and spicy, sweet and sour and all those Asian flavours in between at Melbourne’s month- long Asian Food Festival 2010.
There are 30 restaurants across Melbourne as well as Australia’s premier Asian dining street "Chinatown" offering all styles of cuisine. offering all styles of cuisine. Celebrate multicultural Melbourne at a Chinese, Malaysian, Korean, Thai, Japanese or Vietnamese restaurant during the month of September.

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