This weeks links (2011-08-29)

In brief:

* Google+ Poses Corporate IT Security And Compliance Issues (2011-Aug-30) [Forbes]

* Do not dismiss the humble donut (2011-Aug-31) [The Age]
Melbourne’s best donuts … and where to find them

* Apple deal is rotten: teachers (2011-Aug-31) [The Age]
MOST professionals would be scandalised if they were told they had to fork out for their own work computer. But not only are Victorian teachers forced to lease their laptops from the Education Department, they have also been told if they want a Mac they have to choose a model that was killed off by Apple last month.
To add insult to injury, while former lease cycles have been three years, teachers will be stuck with the already outdated white MacBook for four years under new terms. …

* Arrested for Biking to School? (2011-Aug-30) []
In this weeks WTF! … Could you be arrested for letting your kid bike to school? It’s possible, if you live in Elizabethton, Tenn. In news sure to make readers wax nostalgic about their own childhoods, Elizabethton police allegedly accused Teresa Tryon of child neglect by allowing her 10-year-old daughter commute by bike.

Post-it wars:

* Ubisoft’s Post-It Note War (2011-Aug-05) [Forever Geek]

* The Post-it wars – in pictures (2011-Aug-30) [Guardian UK]

Some reading/listening:

* UNited Moon Colonies: Chronicles of the Clone Incident by Tom Merritt
Richard Chong just led the United Moon Colonies to victory over the Fundamentalist Union, or Fundys, saving Earth from a totalitarian madman. Now as the Moon finally gains respect on it’s parent planet, a new madman wants to kill Chong. But it’s not all about the President. They have an even more insidious plot to rule both worlds and bring the Fundys back for good.
Audio: United Moon Colonies – Part 1 (MP3) [SuBBrilliant Blog]
UNited Moon Colonies by Tom Merritt (PDF)
– Book available via Lulu

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