Legend of the Seeker – Season 2

In the stunning finale of season one, Richard “The Seeker” unleashed the power of Orden to destroy his mortal enemy Darken Rahl. Unfortunately, the Seeker will soon learn – the greatest harm can come from the best intentions. When the power engulfed Rahl, he held Kahlan in his clutches. Now in order to save Kahlan and close the rift that he unwittingly created, the Seeker and his allies must go on an epic quest for a mythical object called “the stone of tears.” With a demonic monster and an army of Mord’Sith’s hot on their heels, the bonds between Richard, Kahlan, and Zedd will be tested in unbelievable ways. The times are darker, the enemies are greater and the only way that the Seeker can prevail is by becoming the legend that destiny demands.

Loosely based on Terry Goodkind’s Stone of Tears (Sword of Truth, #2)

During Series 2 we have been using our invented boobage/chestage scale while watching to rate the character’s importance to the plot – the more important the character, the more prominent their boobage/chestage will be. If you have no boobage/chestage you are the Seeker version of a Redshirt.


(Beware! Spoilers after the jump)

Season 2 (2009–2010)

Legend of the Seeker – 2×01 “Marked”
Richard, Kahlan and Zedd are attacked by a screeling, a beast from the underworld, while celebrating the fall of Darken Rahl. Richard, Kahlan, and Zedd find out that the destruction of the Boxes of Orden caused a magical phenomenon so powerful that it ripped the veil separating the underworld from the land of the living. The Keeper of the underworld now has the ability to wage war on the living, and send his evil minions out through the splintering rifts. Richard learns that his father is Panis Rahl and that his brother is Darken Rahl from a D’Haran captain. The soldiers traveling with the captain pledge their allegiance to Richard, who they believe to be the heir to the D’Haran empire. Meanwhile, Cara is betrayed by her fellow Sisters of the Agiel for her betrayal of Darken Rahl, and is beaten and left to die. She is eventually allied with Richard, whom she believes is the true Lord Rahl, and they and Kahlan and Zedd begin their quest to find the Stone of Tears to repair the veil.

Legend of the Seeker – 2×02 “Baneling”
Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, and Cara arrive at a D’Haran death camp searching for an abbot who is supposed to know about the Stone of Tears. They discover that the tear in the veil allows the dead to come back to the world as banelings, creatures that must kill one person everyday for the Keeper. A young man named Flynn, formerly a prisoner at the camp, accidentally comes upon the abbot’s lost amulet, and receives a marking from it that allows him to open a special vault that contains a secret about the Stone of Tears. He is killed by a baneling, but before he is brought back to life by Cara, Darken Rahl sees the marking on his palm and orders an army of banelings after him. Richard defeats the army, and they continue their quest for the Stone of Tears, taking Flynn with them.

Legend of the Seeker – 2×03 “Broken”
Cara reveals to the group that all the Confessors in Valaria have been eliminated. When she admits that she personally killed Kahlan’s sister Dennee and Kahlan subsequently enters the Con Dar, Cara is forced to flee. Cara returns to Stowecroft, the town of her birth, and is reunited with her sister. But she is soon arrested and placed on trial for the crime of being a Mord-Sith. Kahlan is brought in to preside over the trial. Richard, believing Kahlan to be a biased judge, defends Cara at her trial. Cara’s seemingly remorseless attitude and confession that she killed her own father does little to sway the jury’s decision. During the trial, it is revealed that the town’s schoolteacher is the Mord-Sith who trained Cara in disguise. Both the teacher and Cara are sentenced to death by confession. When the teacher is confessed, she reveals that she had tricked Cara into believing her father didn’t love her, then dies. Cara is overcome with sorrow. Seeing Cara’s true remorse, Kahlan spares her life and allows Cara to rejoin the group.

Legend of the Seeker – 2×04 “Touched”
After a vision sent to Kahlan in a dream, the party set out to rescue Annabelle, the only other living Confessor from a wizard who has purchased her, bent on stealing her powers with a Quillion. The previously unaware Annabelle is frightened by this revelation and her new future. She escapes the group with Flynn, who she had accidentally confessed. Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, and Cara pursue her but are eventually attacked by a legion of men she has confessed. During the fight, Annabelle confesses Richard. Kahlan wants to kill Annabelle to free Richard, but Richard and Flynn propose that they open the vault with Flynn’s marking and then steal the wizard’s Quillion. Flynn and Zedd open the vault, finding a compass marked “this orb will guide the Seeker’s way.” They steal the Quillion, using it to drain Annabelle’s powers. This releases Flynn and Richard from Confession and allows Annabelle to live a normal life. Flynn and Annabelle, in love, separate from Richard, Kahlan, Cara and Zedd who then begin following the compass.

Legend of the Seeker – 2×05 “Wizard”
Zedd falls victim to a spell of forgetfulness cast by Shota. Confused and frightened, Zedd escapes his companions. Shota uses her magic to return Zedd’s youth and convinces him he must replace Richard with a new Seeker to find the Stone of Tears. Shota gives Zedd back his knowledge of magic to take the Sword of Truth and compass from Richard. Zedd escapes Shota and arrives in a town threatened by a rift to the Underworld. Zedd names himself the new Seeker after taking a woman – Salindra – as his Queen and builds a kingdom in the town, soon setting out with his court to follow the compass and find the Stone. Salindra is killed, and is convinced by Darken Rahl to come back as a baneling and trick Zedd into taking the compass and the Sword of Truth into the nearby rift. Richard is forced to pursue Zedd into the Underworld after Zedd, causing Richard and Zedd to age. Richard rescues Zedd from Rahl and they escape. Cara forces Shota to release the spells on Zedd, and Richard lets her escape unharmed. Zedd restores Richard back to his proper age.

Legend of the Seeker – 2×06 “Fury”
Richard and Cara help a small group of villagers escape ruthless slave traders, killing the aggressors in the process. The deaths disappoint the matriarch of the victimized people, a pacifist group of healers called the Minders. Some of them, though, are tired of remaining submissive while they are being subjugated and slaughtered, and enlist the Seeker’s aid in showing them how to protect themselves against future attacks. But Richard’s attempt to teach them self-defense skills sets off a spell designed to prevent the Minders from fighting, paralyzing them. Zedd removes the spell, but doing so allows an ancient spell linking the Rahl bloodline and the Minders to resume functioning. Richard’s anger and the Minders’ anger now effect and amplify each other, and the Sword of Truth feeding on Richard’s anger causes them all to seek revenge and violence. Richard’s rage and bloodlust builds until he threatens Kahlan with the Sword and attacks Cara. After Kahlan disarms him, Richard comes to his senses and is horrified by his actions, enlisting Zedd’s help to regain control over the Sword. Zedd and Richard spend all night with the Sword, during which time Richard expresses the origins of his anger and learns to forgive them. Richard conquers his rage and continues following the compass.

Legend of the Seeker – 2×07 “Resurrection”
Zedd, Richard, Cara and Kahlan track a trouble-making general to a brothel, run by the former Mord-Sith Denna. Determined to rule over the Midlands, Denna resurrects Kahlan’s sister, Dennee, in the body of a dead prostitute, and convinces her to kill Cara. Similarly, she captures kills Richard and resurrects a trained D’Haran general in his body, intending to use him as a pawn in her plot. Darken Rahl offers Richard the ability to return as a baneling which he refuses, instead accepting eternal torture. Elsewhere, Kahlan, Zedd, and Cara realize that, although Richard’s body is alive, the person inside of it is not Richard. They sneak into Denna’s tent, and a fight ensues, during which Richard is killed and Denna loses her newly acquired power over most of the D’Haran army. Denna escapes, but not before stealing the compass. They revive Richard the same way Dennee was revived and his soul is brought back into his body. Dennee remains alive and is sent into hiding.

Legend of the Seeker – 2×08 “Light”
Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, and Cara track down Denna. But Denna eludes them and escapes with a captive Zedd. In pursuit, Richard is suddenly crippled by a series of harsh headaches. He encounters members of an order known as the Sisters of the Light. They reveal to Richard that he is a wizard and must immediately abandon his mission in order to train or the unharnessed power will kill him. He agrees to accompany the Sisters to the Palace of the Prophets, giving the Sword of Truth to Kahlan and telling her to name a new Seeker if he does not return. Zedd convinces Denna to leave the compass behind in exchange for faking his and Denna’s death so as to prevent Kahlan and Cara from tracking them. But Kahlan and Cara realize the deceit and continue on their trail. They catch up to Zedd and kill Denna just after she begins to accept the possibility of living a better life.

Legend of the Seeker – 2×09 “Dark”
As the Sisters of the Light train Richard to use his wizard power, the mysterious Sister Nicci (Jolene Blalock) informs him that the Sisters intend to keep him trapped in the Palace to prevent him from continuing his quest, for they have interpreted a new prophecy to mean that he will give the Stone of Tears to the Keeper. He resolves to escape from the Palace and enters into a dubious alliance with Sister Nicci, allowing her to take his formidable han into herself such that she can blast through the magical barriers trapping him. But before doing so, Richard finds out that Sister Nicci is a Sister of the Dark, a clandestine servant to the Keeper. After giving Sister Nicci his han, Richard directs a Sister of the Light to capture Sister Nicci with a Rada’han while Richard escapes. A new prophecy appears on the Palace walls that says that as long as Kahlan is alive the Keeper cannot win. Meanwhile, Shota the witch woman reveals to Zedd the best choice for a new Seeker. Zedd, Kahlan, and Cara find and name Leo, a blacksmith.

Legend of the Seeker – 2×10 “Perdition”
Trapped in the Valley of Perdition while running from the Palace of the Prophets, Richard’s worst fears come to life in hallucinations and threaten to kill him. Meanwhile, Sister Nicci, now the world’s most powerful sorceress, plots to murder Kahlan, who leads Zedd, Cara and the new Seeker, Leo, along the path of the compass, which is now pointing them to Richard. During their long journey, Cara’s deepening feelings for Leo bring her to an emotional crossroads. Reaching the Palace of the Prophets, the group asks for Richard, but the Prelate lies about his escape to stop Kahlan from following him into Perdition. Kahlan realizes that something is wrong, and with the help of Sister Verna forces the Prelate to remove the magical barriers keeping them in the Palace. Verna leads Kahlan, Zedd, Cara, and Leo to the Valley of Perdition. Nicci and the Sisters of the Dark arrive to kill Kahlan, and in the battle Leo sacrifices himself to protect Kahlan. Meanwhile, Richard realizes that his visions are not real and escapes the Valley of Perdition in time to destroy Nicci with aid from Zedd.

Legend of the Seeker – 2×11 “Torn”
Prince Fyren has unseated the Centeral Council of the Midlands in Aydindril and injustice reigns. Just before he dies, a Wizard of the Second Order manages to bring Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, and Cara a magical amulet that allows the Mother Confessor to go instantly to Aydindril should her wisdom and judgment ever be needed. The conflict in Kahlan’s heart between the call to return to Aydindril and her desire to stay with Richard results in a magical mishap while using the amulet. The compassionate and emotional side of Kahlan stays with Richard and Cara, while the rational and duty-bound Mother Confessor travels with Zedd to Aydindril. Seeing Kahlan’s lack of compassion and mercy in righting the wrongs in Aydindril, Zedd concludes that something is wrong with this Kahlan. Richard observes similar differences in his irrational and flighty Kahlan. Richard travels to Aydindril to find that the rational Kahlan has sentenced Zedd to be hanged for treason after he expressed the conviction that she should not be in power. Richard tries to explain the situation to both incomplete Kahlans, but neither wishes to be reunited with the other. The rational Kahlan confesses the emotional one, and in the ensuing battle Richard manages to overcome them both. Zedd is freed, and unites the two Kahlans into one again. The group leaves Aydindril to continue their quest.

Legend of the Seeker – 2×12 “Hunger”
Cara dies while battling bandits to locate a group of kidnapped villagers. Awakening in the underworld, she accepts the Keeper’s offer to return as a baneling so that she can continue to protect Richard. Richard’s group discovers a merchant, Sebastian, who is selling a cure for banelings: shadow water that once belonged to Zedd’s father. Zedd’s brother, Thaddicus, is revealed to be working with the merchant. Zedd uses a magical printing press of the merchant’s to create a map to the source of the water. While traveling to the spring, Cara must decide between killing one of her companions or returning to the Underworld. She almost kills Thaddicus, but cannot follow through and reveals her secret to the others. Realizing that she spared his “pointless” life, Thaddicus sacrifices himself to save Cara. In the underworld, Rahl tortures Thaddicus to learn the location of the shadow water. Rahl succeeds in destroying the source, but not before Richard saves enough water to restore Cara. Cara then revives Thaddicus using the Breath of Life. Zedd and the others part ways with his brother, believing he will do good and great things with his new life. Thaddicus reunites with the conman, Sebastian, to continue swindling innocent villagers.

Legend of the Seeker – 2×13 “Princess”
While the group is stopped to camp, trained gars suddenly kidnap Kahlan. Zedd reveals that the gars belong to the Margrave of Rothenberg, and that no magic can be used in his castle, including Kahlan’s Confessor powers. Meanwhile, the Sisters of the Dark have brought Nicci back from the dead in a new body. She has made a deal with the Margrave: the Mother Confessor in exchange for eternal life. Zedd intercepts a royal party on their way to Rothenberg. Disguising Cara as a princess and prospective bride of the Margrave, Richard as her brother, and Zedd as her aunt, the three successfully enter the palace undetected. Richard and Cara proceed to make multiple attempts to steal the Margrave’s key to dungeon. Kahlan manages to break out of her cell, while Cara gets the Margrave into his bedroom where she threatens him until he gives her the key. Nicci and the Sisters of the Dark arrive in time to unmask Richard and Zedd. The palace guards, the Sisters, and Richard’s group do battle. Nicci, having failed to kill Kahlan, escapes, promising to be back. The rest of the party continue east in their quest.

Legend of the Seeker – 2×14 “Bound”
The Sisters of the Dark, disgusted with Nicci’s lack of success in finishing the Mother Confessor, decide to do away with her. Nicci eludes them and casts a maternity spell, making Kahlan’s body and survival dependent on Nicci’s. Richard agrees to Nicci’s deal: Richard and Nicci search for the Stone of Tears alone or Nicci kills herself. As Richard goes with Nicci, Zedd reveals that the spell can be broken by reconnecting Kahlan with her dead mother, for which they would have to go to Kahlan’s father in order to reclaim her mother’s most treasured possession. Kahlan, reluctant to face the man who tortured and terrified her for most of her childhood, is forced to order his release from jail. Believing him to be a monster, she is shocked to learn that her father was more afraid of his children than they were of him. Meanwhile, the Sisters of the Dark send a poisonous spider to kill Nicci, who is bitten and tells a horrified Richard that she will die in a few hours. Kahlan and Nicci both drop into unconsciousness and stand at the brink of death. Richard rushes Nicci to cave where the flowers that will cure her grow, and manages to revive both Nicci and Kahlan. Zedd uses Kahlan’s mother necklace, given to her by Kahlan’s father, to break the maternity spells. Nicci kills the Sisters attacking them in the cave and lets Richard go, swearing allegiance to herself and exiting service of the Keeper.

Legend of the Seeker – 2×15 “Creator”
When an illness spread by banelings begins to claim life after life, a mysterious girl, Maia (Keisha Castle-Hughes), appears and heals them, even when Zedd cannot. She claims that she is the Creater. A doubtful Kahlan confronts her, but is shaken when Maia knows intimate details of her life, including the prayers she gave as a child. Maia reveals that she is here to execute Richard for being an agent of the Keeper. Maia quells the magic of the compass, so the group decides stay and investigate the validity of her story. Cara leaves to find Maia’s husband, Jason. Maia holds a trial for Richard, acting as prosecution by listing examples of his serving the Keeper. Zedd and Kahlan speak in Richard’s defense, countering her accusations by describing Richard’s good deeds. Jason arrives with Cara and reveals that Maia had been a normal woman until the Sisters of the Light came to their home. It is revealed that Sisters gave Maia every single one of their hans. Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, and Cara insist that Maia is not the Creator in human form, but an extremely powerful sorceress tricked by the Sisters. Meanwhile, Darken Rahl finds out that the Creator is in human form and opens a rift to draw her into the Underworld. Maia manages to seal the rift and is almost crushed in the aftermath. She is saved by Richard, and, shocked by his actions, decides not to execute him. She disappears and the compass lights up once again, directing Richard’s path. The group cannot decide whether Maia was really who she said she was.

Legend of the Seeker – 2×16 “Desecrated”
Kahlan and Zedd go off to a village to get supplies but Kahlan rushes back, saying they are besieged by Gars, and instead leading them to an old barn where Zedd, Kahlan and the Duke of the province hold a surprise birthday party for Richard. During the party, a magician tricks Cara and Kahlan into his two boxes then traps them in a tomb with no way out and only a day’s worth of air. He demands Richard kill five men in the village, including the Duke’s son, to avenge his own sons’ deaths. Richard refuses, then discovers that the Duke had lied to prevent his own son and his friends from fighting in the war against D’Hara. In searching for Kahlan and Cara, Richard unknowingly releases a Nygaax, a creature of revenge which is ordered by the magician to kill the five men. Richard kills the creature, releasing the man on whom the spell had been cast but Zedd is captured by the magic and becomes the Nygaax himself. Meanwhile, Kahlan and Cara desperately try to find a way to escape, contemplating suicide. Richard finds the magician, who kills himself rather than reveal anything. He discovers Cara and Kahlan’s location and rushes to save them. The three arrive in time to prevent the Duke from killing Zedd. The Duke is captured by the magic, and his son helps Richard trap him in its crypt forever. The four continue on their quest for the Stone.

Legend of the Seeker – 2×17 “Vengeance”
Darken Rahl, furious to learn his father is not dead, goes to Thaddicus to remind him that Panis Rahl killed his father and he ought to seek revenge. Thaddicus asks Zedd to keep his promise to get vengeance for his father and he agrees. Flashbacks reveal Zedd’s wayward past, including his tutelage of the young Darken Rahl in magic. Meanwhile, Richard and the others encounter an old man, Horace Guildemere, who claims he knows where the instructions for the Stone of Tears are. Zedd and Thaddicus fail to locate Panis; Darken Rahl tells them Panis is disguised as Horace. Zedd returns and tries to kill Horace/Panis, but Panis explains that his child (Darken Rahl) was dying of a curse that Zedd’s father, Carracticus had cast. After reviving his child with a Mord’Sith’s breath of life, he disguised himself as Zedd and asked. After the old wizard confirms it, he kills him. Panis apologizes saying he only did it so he would not lose Zedd’s friendship. Meanwhile, Darken Rahl instructs a Sister of the Dark to steal the scroll of Valdaire. In the midst of the struggle, the Sisters get the scroll and Panis sacrifices himself to save Zedd. Telling Richard he loved him, Panis dies and reaches the Underworld where Darken Rahl waits to ask for his forgiveness. Zedd reveals to Richard that Panis was infertile and it was he who cast the spell to cause Darken Rahl’s birth. Richard consoles him and the group continue on their way.

Legend of the Seeker – 2×18 “Walter”
Darken Rahl orders Sister Marianna to deliver the scroll to the Mord-Sith temple in Jandrilyn. Meanwhile, Richard’s group stops at a tavern where a former D’Haran soldier, Malray, spins a lengthy of Walter, a village beggar and Darken Rahl doppelganger who was captured and trained at the People’s Palace at a request from the D’Haran. Malray details all of his and Walter’s exploits following Rahl’s death. In the present time, Richard and the others head towards the Mord’Sith temple where the Marianna has the scroll. Walter is revealed to be trapped in the dungeon of this temple, but escapes with a servant girl, only to be chased by a group of D’Haran soldiers. Walter runs into the Seeker who holds him at sword point as Walter explains his story. The real Rahl appears and makes a deal with Richard to exchange the scroll for Walter’s body. Richard and the group send Walter’s soul into one of the bodies of the dead D’Harans and resurrect Rahl in Walter’s body. Rahl, now back among the living is attacked with a dacra by the confessed Sister of the Dark, Sister Tyra. Richard tells his brother that the dacra will be removed once he retrieves the scroll. Rahl convinces General Egremont and the Mord’Sith that he is real and obtains the scroll and gives it to Richard just as they are attacked by Rahl’s men. As the group fights, Walter and the servant girl escape with Rahl’s gold. Darken Rahl escapes, but knowing that Richard’s group must find a night wisp to reveal the scroll’s secrets.

Legend of the Seeker – 2×19 “Extinction”
Richard, Kahlan, Cara and Zedd arrive at the home of the Nightwisps, only to find the forest burned to the ground and Darken Rahl waiting with the last wisp in hand and a bargain for Richard: Rahl either kills the wisp, dooming humanity, or reads the scroll and then acts upon its instruction, becoming the savior of the world. Richard agrees and he and Rahl set out to obtain the Stone while Kahlan and Cara head to the Grottoes of the Northern Territories to allow the wisp to give birth and save its species. Meanwhile, the Keeper orders the Sisters of the Dark to kill Rahl. They only succeed in wounding him; the Keeper sends them to locate a former D’haran general to kill Richard. His health failing from his dacra wound, Rahl reveals that he was already a baneling when Richard killed him and that the Keeper deceived him. The brute, with the keeper’s help, arrives to kill Rahl, opening a rift to the Underworld, but Richard pushes him into it. Braving attacks by gars, Cara and Kahlan manage to arrive at the birthing grounds just in time. Zedd returns in time to save Rahl from death, the Listener Renn in tow, who tells them what to do with the Stone of Tears by reading Rahl’s mind. Rahl escapes from the group, who have until the summer solstice to find the Stone and follow the instructions.

Legend of the Seeker – 2×20 “Eternity”
Dahlia, Cara’s old friend and fellow Mord’Sith, finds the group in order to ask for Cara’s help in rescuing the “true” Lord Rahl (the hitherto-unknown son of Cara and Darken Rahl) from his kidnappers, the Sisters of the Dark. Zedd and Cara agree to go with Dahlia, while Richard and Kahlan continue search for the Stone. The compass leads Richard and Kahlan to a hidden magical valley where they are given the stone by the First Generation, a group of immortal and infertile follows of the Creator. After several failed attempts to exit the valley, the two realize they are trapped. The First Generation believe that it is the Creator’s will that Richard and Kahlan allow the Keeper to win, and preserve themselves in the valley so that they can eventually repopulate the desecrated world. Elodie, one of the First Generation, gives them a ring by which they can contact the outside world. Meanwhile, Cara and Zedd are betrayed by Dahlia, and Zedd is thrown into prison. Darken Rahl attempts to torture Cara back on his side, but is unable to break her. He enlists the help of the Sisters of the Dark, who imbue an Agiel with all the pain Cara had caused others. She seemingly resists even this: when she is ordered to kill Zedd, the two escape together. They find the mate of the magic ring which allows communication between the valley and the outside world. After speaking with Richard, Zedd calls the Stone of Tears to him with the Spell of Taking. However, at the last moment, Cara attacks and steals the Stone, bringing it to Rahl. Apparently, he had succeeded in breaking her after all. The compass relights, once again pointing the way towards the Stone, thus leading Kahlan and Richard safely out of the valley. The three begin a desperate race to rescue the Stone.

Legend of the Seeker – 2×21 “Unbroken”
Darken Rahl betrays the Sisters of the Dark and does not return the Stone of Tears to the Keeper, but instead throws the Sisters into the rift and keeps the Stone for himself. He sends Cara, Dahlia, and the other Mord-Sith to attack the Seeker. Dahlia dies by Confession at the hands of Kahlan, and Cara is knocked out and captured by Richard. Zedd suggests the ancient and unpredictable Spell of Undoing to remove the dark magic holding Cara and to learn where the Stone is. The spell not only removes Darken Rahl’s magic, but the magic used to turn Cara into a Mord-Sith. Cara’s consequential absence from many crucial events changes history. Zedd awakens at the wedding altar of Richard and Kahlan, who are being married by Darken Rahl. He learns that Cara is a mother of two and school teacher here. She was not there to use her Agiel on Richard when he was joining the Boxes of Orden. Therefore, the plan worked as the Book of Counted Shadows said; Kahlan’s confession kept the Boxes from controlling him, and the Boxes’ power allows him to control his enemies and to be with Kahlan. The Keeper, existing outside of history, knows things have changed. He commands Sister Marianna to kill Richard’s sister, Jennsen. They capture her and do so, and three of them drink her blood to become ungifted. The three ungifted Sisters attack the People’s Palace and take the Boxes of Orden apart, such that Richard loses his power and is defeated by Rahl. Rahl takes the Sword of Truth from Richard and eventually puts together the Boxes of Orden himself. Zedd and Kahlan decide their only option to stop Rahl is to try the Undoing spell again. They find Cara and begin to cast it on her. But Darken Rahl learns of the plan from Richard, and Dahlia kills Cara.

Legend of the Seeker – 2×22 “Tears”
Zedd performs the Spell of Undoing on Dahlia, changing history such that Cara was never abducted for Rahl’s retraining. Everyone is back on a timeline identical to the original save for Richard still possessing the Stone of Tears. Richard is separated from Zedd, Cara, and Kahlan while taking the Stone to the Pillars of Creation. He travels on ahead of the others, and meets the Keeper disguised as a boy named Declan who insists on coming with him on his quest. Zedd, Cara, and Kahlan are confronted by Nicci while trying to catch up with Richard. Nicci confesses Kahlan using some of Kahlan’s own han. Cara and Zedd kill Nicci, but Kahlan is not released from confession as she still possesses some of her han. Kahlan chases after Richard in hopes of taking the Stone from him and using its magic to revive Nicci. When she catches up with him she is attacked by the Sisters of the Dark, so Richard gives the Stone to Declan before going to assist her. Kahlan tries to confess Richard, but fails. She realizes that Declan is the Keeper and that he has taken the Stone into the rift. In rage, she kills Richard. As he dies, she is released from confession and cries over his body. Luckily, Zedd and Cara arrive in time for Cara to give Richard the Breath of Life. Kahlan’s tears have created a second Stone of Tears that the group uses to seal the veil. Nicci is revived by a Mord-Sith, and is captured by Darken Rahl.

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