And then the Streisand Effect took over …

This week on the net we have seen some pretty amazing examples of the Streisand Effect. Originally I was going to put these into the “This Weeks Links” category but they seemed to take on a life of their own, hence this post.


It would seem that the Argyll and Bute Council @argyllandbute need to have a serious look at their censorship processes. #neverseconds

~ 9-Year-Old Who Changed School Lunches Silenced By Politicians (2012-Jun-14) [Wired]
~ Goodbye. (2012-Jun-14) [NeverSeconds]
~ I think you know why I don’t have a picture today (2012-Jun-15) [NeverSeconds]
~ NeverSeconds blogger Martha Payne school dinner photo ban lifted (2012-Jun-15) [BBC]
~ Girl, 9, Gives School Lunch Failing Grade (2012-Jun-15) [NYT]

And while you’re at it, support the school-food charity she picked Martha’s Meals


Have we just seen the 1st athlete added to the @AUSOlympicTeam via the power of social media? #LetLacazeRun

~ Interview: Genevieve LaCaze (2012-Jun-15) [ABC]
~ We’ll pick LaCaze for the Olympic team – as long as she’s nominated: AOC (2012-06-15) [SMH]
~ Statement from the President Rob Fildes (2012-Jun-16) [Athletics Australia]

Bear love Good. Cancer Bad.

If you have been posting someone’s content on your site without permission, it is probably best not to point your lawyer at them when they complain …

~ FunnyJunk is threatening to file a federal lawsuit against me unless I pay $20,000 in damages (2012-Jun-13) [The Oatmeal]
~ Funnyjunk Lawyer Being Mocked Mercilessly, Makes Things Worse By Trying To Shut Down The Oatmeal’s Fundraiser (2012-Jun-13) [TechDirt]
~ The Oatmeal v. FunnyJunk, Part IV: Charles Carreon Sues Everybody (2012-Jun-17) [popeHat]

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3 Responses to And then the Streisand Effect took over …

  1. We’re sending Carreon an indulgence for being a petulant, amoral, censorious douchebag. Hopefully it’ll help his immortal soul, though we suspect it won’t do much good for him in the here-and-now. Please note, we’re sending this as a gift, no strings attached.

  2. Charles Carreon actually did what he is suing for (telling people to email / phone bomb a person) but here’s the juicy part, Inman never did:

  3. Also his contact information is on that blog as well as — Seriously?

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