This weeks links (2012-08-06)

In brief:

* NASA’s Mars Rover Crashed Into a DMCA Takedown (2012-Aug-06) [Motherboard]
Stop the band. The video was gone, replaced with an alien message: “This video contains content from Scripps Local News, who has blocked it on copyright grounds. Sorry about that.” That is to say, a NASA-made public domain video posted on NASA’s official YouTube channel, documenting the landing of a $2.5 billion Mars rover mission paid for with public taxpayer money, was blocked by YouTube because of a copyright claim by a private news service.

* Education Apps [iPads for Education]

* Digital Olympics: week one in numbers (2012-Aug-03) [BBC Internet Blog]
We promised Games coverage that you could access anywhere, any time, and it looks like you’ve been taking us up on that offer. … So let’s have a closer look at the stats.

* VidyoWay – The Way for B2B communication (2012-Jul-23) [Vidyo]
In case you haven’t seen this morning’s headlines, Vidyo is continuing to disrupt the video conferencing market and just announced a new free cloud-based service: VidyoWay. Now anyone using Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, other H.323 and SIP-based room systems, Microsoft Lync clients, mobile devices and telephones can easily connect with each other and/or with Vidyo endpoints.

Some reading/listening:

* Terry and the Pirates

The action-adventure drama featured realistically drawn adventures in the far east and had a serious bent to it, unlike many of the comics of the day. Terry Lee grew up in the strip opposite characters such as Pat Ryan, the soldier of fortune and “two-fisted journalist”, Connie, the coolie and interpreter, and his nemesis, the Dragon Lady.
By November, 1937, the strips popularity spawned the radio series which began on November 1st as a three-times-a-week serial sponsored by Dari-Rich. But within two years it was cancelled. The country was too isolationist for the adventure stories to be popular.
As the country began moving toward war, the series was revitalized and began anew sponsored by Libby on October 16, 1941. By November, 1941 on the eve of the Pearl Harbor attack, the country was interested in what was happening in the far east and the adventures of Terry and the Pirates fit the bill. This series was a fifteen minute five-times-a-week serial initially on WGN, Chicago. We followed Terry through the war, though Japan is never mentioned throughout the run. Some of the actors from this series run included Bob Griffin as Dude Hennick, John Gibson as Connie and Emily Vass as April Kane. Terry was played over the series run by various actors including Jackie Kelk, Cliff Carpenter, Owen Jordan and Bill Fein.

Available from:, –, – radiolovers, – my old radio

Something from Bandcamp:

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