This weeks links (2013-01-28)

In brief:

* Last Saturday, Over 2800 Spaceships Clashed in a Battle Costing Thousands of Dollars (2013-Jan-28) [Tor]
… This past Saturday, one misplaced mouse click in MMORPG EVE Online sent a lone Titan spaceship hurtling into enemy territory, triggering a cascade of alliances somewhat akin to the run-up to World War I, and resulting in one of the largest space battles ever seen in the history of the game. At its peak, the battle involved over 2800 ships and 3200 players, slowing the already-robust EVE servers to a mere 10% of their normal speed. …

* Missing man found after months in bush (2013-Jan-28) [The Australian]
An 18-year-old man has been found exhausted and dehydrated in dense bush nine weeks after he was reported missing by his family in Sydney’s north.
Police said he was last seen leaving his home in Westleigh on Tuesday, November 27.

* Tour Down Under – Australia Day

Some reading/listening:

* When We Were Heroes by Daniel Abraham (2013-Jan-16) [Tor]
A new story from George R. R. Martin’s Wild Cards universe

Something from Bandcamp:

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