This weeks links (2013-02-25)

In brief:
Things seem to have developed a very library spin on them this week;

* Why You Won’t Be Reading a New Tolkien Biography (2013-Feb-20) []

* The weight of books (2013-Feb-25) [LA Times]
… Yes, books are about the interior journey, the fluid back-and-forth between writer and reader, reader and writer, the interplay upon which literature depends. This is one of the best things about them, their insistence that we can only be enlarged, illuminated, by entering the imagination of another, which, in turn, inhabits ours.
And yet, there is another side of books, their physical presence: the sheer weight of all those volumes, the space they occupy. When I look at my books, arrayed from room to room now in their pleasing order, what I see are not just the ideas or narratives they represent but themselves as manifestations of my life. …

* The 30 Best Places To Be If You Love Books (2013-Feb-22) [BuzzFeed]

* Conjured terror on the cheap (2013-Feb-25) [The Age]
RAYMOND CUSICK – ART DIRECTOR – 1928 — 21-2-2013
RAYMOND Cusick, who has died aged 84, designed the Daleks, the genocidal plunger-toting alien foe of the BBC’s heroic Time Lord, Doctor Who.
Though the scriptwriter Terry Nation came up with the idea of the Daleks, it was left to Cusick to work out exactly what they would look like.

Some reading/listening:

* Calendar of Tales has gone all audio!

Something from Bandcamp:

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