This weeks links (2013-03-04)

In brief:

* Beyond the Living Room: Using the Apple TV in the Real World (2013-Feb-28) [512pixels]
We use them in classrooms, conference rooms and sound booths for AirPlay from iOS devices and recent Macs. AirPlay works great — even across VLANs — if you have your network set up well. … Additionally, setting up this many Apple TVs was a pain. There’s no real way to manage them in bulk, so I end up walking around to make network or setting changes manually on them. At least it’s good exercise. …

* The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Own POV Action Film (2013-Mar-04) [Outside Online]
With helmet cams ubiquitous at ski resorts and on trails, everyone is a filmmaker nowadays. But making a good movie takes some practice, planning, and just a pinch of luck.

No matter what the subject of your film is, two low-tech tools will help you make it better: a pen and a notebook. Before you leave your house you should have your entire video written down. How the video will start, what the transitions will be like, what you’re going to do, how the video will end, what the background music will be, how many times you’ll have to do a certain thing to get the right footage from various angles. In short, you want to do all the creative work on paper, so that when you’re outside with the camera, all you have to do is get the right footage to tell you story.

* Decoding Tony Abbott’s plans for universities (2013-Mar-03) [The Conversation]

* Let’s hear more from Pyne on ‘chalk and talk’ teaching (2013-Mar-03) [SMH]
… The Coalition’s aversion to new taxes means Pyne has no significant money to play with, so the discussion must centre on values. His concern is with teaching standards: ”more didactic teaching methods . . . rather than the child-centred learning that has dominated the system for the last 20, 30 or 40 years”. A robust curriculum, principal autonomy and more traditional pedagogy. Hear hear, chorus parents who fear modern schooling has all gone to pot (and who are, of course, the target of his political message). …

* Old school is way to go, says Pyne (2013-Feb-27) [SMH]
Child-centred learning should be abandoned for a return to more explicit instruction driven by teachers, the Liberal education spokesman, Christopher Pyne, says. …
… compared with Sugata Mitra’s “Schools as we know them are obsolete. They aren’t broken. They are outdated.” #TED2013

Some reading/listening:

* underground Suelette Dreyfus – Underground: Hacking, madness and obsession on the electronic frontier [Project Gutenberg]
By Suelette Dreyfus with Research by Julian Assange.

`Gripping, eminently readable.. Dreyfus has uncovered one of this country’s best kept secrets and in doing so has created a highly intense and enjoyable read’ — Rolling Stone

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Something from Bandcamp:

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