This weeks links (2013-03-18)

In brief:

* 5-year-old discovers dinosaur, names it after herself, drops mic for the rest of her life (2013-Mar-21) [Grist]

* Neil Gaiman sets Twitter ablaze with fan collaboration (2013-Mar-18) [TechHive]

* Online Music Piracy Doesn’t Hurt Sales, European Commission Finds (2013-Mar-18) [TorrentFreak]
New research published by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre shows that online piracy doesn’t hurt digital music revenues. The researchers examined browsing habits from 16,000 Europeans and found that there’s a positive link between online piracy and visits to legal music stores, irrespective of people’s interest in music. The study concludes that the music industry should not see piracy as a growing concern. …

* Mother-of-four forced to pay $222,000 to record companies for illegal music downloads after Supreme Court rejects her appeal (2013-Mar-18) [DailyMail]


Milan San Remo 2013

Some reading/listening:

* Neil Gaiman – Neverwhere (BBC4)
Neverwhere begins with an hour-long episode at 2:30pm on Saturday 16 March on Radio 4 and continues with five 30-minute installments stripped across the week on Radio 4 Extra from Monday 18 March.
All episodes will be available to catch up on demand until 29 March 2013.

‘Neverwhere: London Below’(Episode One) will be available as the Drama of the Week download from Friday 22nd March.BBC – Podcasts and Downloads – Drama of the Week

* Cory Doctrow – Audio from my Homeland tour presentation
A 40 minute talk about the promise of technology to improve our lives, the risks from allowing technology to be used to surveil and control us, and the contributions Aaron Swartz made to this cause and to the book. Recorded by Thomas “Command Line” Gideon.

Something from Bandcamp:

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