AARNet’s CloudStor

AARNet’s CloudStor+ is an alternative to using DropBox for transferring and accessing shared files using your University account and the files are stored on Australian servers. The service is currently in Beta and is worth investigation.

CloudStor is a web service for easily and securely sending and receiving large files. Users access CloudStor using their institutional account, through the Australian Access Federation (AAF). Users whose institutions are not members of the AAF can also use the service through vouchers submitted by users who are members of the AAF.


Beta Terms of Use
By logging on, you agree the following conditions
Any data stored is subject to AARNet’s Content Policy, available at http://www.aarnet.edu.au/about-us/policies
* Up to 100GB of storage is available, however participants with a view towards requiring more may be granted additional space at no cost initially. At the conclusion of the Beta, participants may continue to use additional space at a rate that is yet to be determined, but is expected to be in vicinity of $30 per terabyte per month.
* Any data stored during the beta phase may be lost, damaged and/or insecure at any stage during the beta. Data uploaded during the Beta may or may not be retained and rolled over into the full service release.
* The features, availability and distribution scope of the Beta deployment may be subject to change at any time with or without warning, and may or may not represent the full functionality of the current ownCloud capability.
* The functionality and appearance of service of the Beta may differ significantly from the service released at the conclusion of the Beta

1. Select “The University of Melbourne” as your identity provider (If you are not University of Melbourne, select your institution – these notes are from a University of Melbourne perspective).

2. Authenticate using your University credentials (the same as your email username/password).

3. Your storage area with 100MB of storage available

Other means of access:
* WebDAV share available at https://cloudstor.aarnet.edu.au/plus/remote.php/webdav/
Use this address to connect to Cloudstor Plus in your file manager, using your sync password and email address to authenticate

* Desktop and Mobile Syncing Clients available at http://owncloud.org/sync-clients/
Use your sync password and email address to authenticate, with the URL https://cloudstor.aarnet.edu.au/plus/

4. Configuring the OwnCloud client to connect

5. Active OwnCloud client v.1.2.5 (Win XP)

Files in the ‘Files > clientsync’ folder are synched with ‘C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\ownCloud’ folder.

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