This weeks links (2013-06-10)

In brief:

* Facebook Finally Gets Hashtag Support (2013-Jun-12) [Mashable]

* ANZ PC market in free fall (2013-Jun-12) [IT Wire]
The Australian and New Zealand PC markets have suffered their largest ever annual decline, as tablets and smart phones increasingly become the device of choice. … HP was Australia’s biggest selling PC brand in the quarter, with 19% of the market. Apple was a close second with 18%, followed by Dell (15%) and Lenovo (11%).

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. — Benjamin Franklin

* 5 Basic Unknowns about the NSA ‘Black Hole’ (2013-Jun-10) [Scientific American]
What surveillance powers does the government believe it has under the Patriot Act?
That’s classified.

* Has the US become the type of nation from which you have to seek asylum? (2013-Jun-09) [Washington Post]
… Americans are familiar with stories of dissidents fleeing repressive regimes such as those in China or Iran and seeking asylum in the United States. Snowden is in the opposite position. He’s an American leaving the land of his birth because he fears persecution. …

* Leaker’s Employer Is Paid to Maintain Government Secrets (2013-Jun-09) [The New York Times]
WASHINGTON — Edward J. Snowden’s employer, Booz Allen Hamilton, has become one of the largest and most profitable corporations in the United States almost exclusively by serving a single client: the government of the United States.

* Prism scandal: Agency to reveal US links ‘shortly’ after claims that thousands of Britons may have been spied on by GCHQ (2013-Jun-08) [The Independent]


* This week we have the Tour de Suisse 2013.


Some reading/listening:

* Heere be Monsters (2013-Jun-07) [John Birmingham’s Cheeseburger Gothic]
I’m having a deadlining and invoicing day. So to tide us all over, I thought I’d republish the little class project we did a few years ago, this charming zombie, time travel, alternative history cross over.
I wont leave this up forever. It will probably go into a collection at some point.

* Unlock the FREE version of Julian Assange’s Cypherpunks when you solve the puzzle below. [FB / Audible]
This promotion will be deleted on 2013-Jun-12.

Something from Bandcamp:

Roots by Àrsaidh

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