TDF 2013 – are you really ready?


With only nine (9) more days until this year’s tour kicks off it is time to be checking your list; and checking it twice! And you thought it was all about the bikes? Nah, not even close 😉

Forewarned in forearmed
Not sure if you can separate your Hors catégorie from your Lanterne Rouge?
The first step is to acquire the Official Tour de France Guide 2013 as this is the major item required for pretending to know what you are talking about; or understanding what the cycling fans are actually talking about.

Yep, #trolldj is back. #TrollDJ is the Twitter hash tag being used to comment on the music being played as the the SBS Tour de France coverage returns after an add break. There is a fair discussion regarding what the song is (thanks to Shazam this is not too difficult to confirm) and the relevance to the montage footage that the music has played over. Get your iPod loaded with previous years playlists and get your ear prepared for #TrollDJ.

#LVDT LesVaches DuTour
Celebrating the unsung heroes of the Tour de France. That’s right. The cows.LesVaches DuTour

Follow Les Vaches du Tour as they celebrate the unsung heroes of the tour. That’s right, the cows! Grab your Official Team Vaches kit settle in with your hashtags at the ready and tweet with #lvdt and a km mark if you spot cows! (Screen captures are also appreciated).

#SBSTDF : is the SBS Cycling Central TDF twitter tag that allows SBS TDF watchers to chat without annoying the world with our local broadcast comments. Don’t forget to prepare yourself for the TDF Bingo.

#SAGWAGON : The Sag Wagon was the brilliant 2011 CyclingCentral podcast by @Culbert_Report @MrSamPang and @SophieSmith86 – although the podcast didn’t exist in 2012 the hashtag and associated puns lived on. Viva le SagWagon!
Strong rumors exits that after a year of absence a new look Sagwagon II will appear during this year’s tour – watch this space!

Who will have the best advert for 2013?
How will it compare with 2012’s Specialized “The Chase”, 2011’s Skoda or the 2010 I took down the bear with a single punch!
NOTE: If SBS plays the ‘Stiff and Stiffer’ adverts again you are entitled to attack your screen with a brick!

Still my favourite;

Tour de Nourriture
The FOOD! Load your musette with nosh and your biddon with wine. Every July it is time for your kitchen to prepare an ongoing barrage of French masterpieces. You can kick things off with Taste Le Tour and keep going from there.

Watch out for #TourDeSnack

Need more inspiration? Many local food and wine vendors have brought out Tour packs for this years event. Pantry stocking time …

* DiscoverVin’s Taste the Tour 6 Pack $160.00
Enjoy the wines of the Pyrenees as seen in the Tour de France. Jump on board our virtual peleton & try a case of six wines from the region.

* City Wine Shop’s TOUR DE FRANCE MIXED DOZEN $310 ($353)
To celebrate the 100th Tour de France running from Saturday 29 June to Sunday 21 July 2013, we have put together a mixed dozen en route. Made up of 10 stages, it will cover a total distance of 3,479 km. This year the tour starts in Corsica, the only region in France to be hosting the race for the first time, then weaves along the south to Bagneres De-Bigorre. After a quick flight up the western border the race resumes from Repos, heading further north to Saint-Malo along the south and winds its way back down through France when it climbs the infamous Hautes Alpes. The line-up includes: a bottle of sparkling, a cider from Normandy, a Corsican rosé, an off dry Vouvray from the Loire, a Bandol rouge, two juicy Languedoc reds and a Rousillon red, a Beaujolais Blanc, a Savoie white and two reds from Southern Rhône. Cheese matches are included throughout the notes. These cheeses will be available from our sister business The Spring St Grocer throughout the tour.

SO are YOU ready?

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