This weeks links (2013-06-24)

In brief:

* Parliament Arguing About Copper Wires In 1910 Makes For Some Amazing Reading (2013-Jun-25) [Gizmodo]
When reading this, replace the word “iron” with “copper” and the word “copper” with “fibre”

* Typeface-Off (2013-Jun-25) [The Dish]
Choose your font carefully to get better academic marks

* Time Team’s Mick Aston dies (2013-Jun-25) [The Guardian]
The archaeologist and broadcaster, who found fame with the Channel 4 series, has passed away aged 66
Sad news 😦

* [IP] From the principal architect — Skype / NSA (2013-Jun-22) [MarkMail]
Skype’s Chief Architect on why they got rid of p2p and crypto in their product.

* In Depth Review: New NSA Documents Expose How Americans Can Be Spied on Without A Warrant (2013-Jun-21) [EFF]


* Sagan Parking

Some reading/listening:

* Neil Gaiman and the magical power of place (2013-Jun-19) [ABC]

Something from Bandcamp:

The Sky is Calling by The Impossible Girl

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