Firefox 22.0

Firefox v.22.0 was offered to release channel users on June 25, 2013.


Fixed in Firefox 22.0 [4]
MFSA 2013-62 Inaccessible updater can lead to local privilege escalation
MFSA 2013-61 Homograph domain spoofing in .com, .net and .name
MFSA 2013-60 getUserMedia permission dialog incorrectly displays location
MFSA 2013-59 XrayWrappers can be bypassed to run user defined methods in a privileged context
MFSA 2013-58 X-Frame-Options ignored when using server push with multi-part responses
MFSA 2013-57 Sandbox restrictions not applied to nested frame elements
MFSA 2013-56 PreserveWrapper has inconsistent behavior
MFSA 2013-55 SVG filters can lead to information disclosure
MFSA 2013-54 Data in the body of XHR HEAD requests leads to CSRF attacks
MFSA 2013-53 Execution of unmapped memory through onreadystatechange event
MFSA 2013-52 Arbitrary code execution within Profiler
MFSA 2013-51 Privileged content access and execution via XBL
MFSA 2013-50 Memory corruption found using Address Sanitizer
MFSA 2013-49 Miscellaneous memory safety hazards (rv:22.0 / rv:17.0.7)

Vulnerability ratings: 4 Critical, 6 High , 3 Moderate, 1 Low
Evaluation: Test and update.

[1] Firefox Updated: Firefox 22.0 (2013-Jun-25) [Mozilla]
[2] Firefox features [Mozilla]
[3] Mozilla Firefox 22.0 Release Notes (2013-Jun-25) [Mozilla]
[4] Security Advisories for Firefox [Mozilla]
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