#TrollDJ 2013 – the inconclusive list


Some say he/she likes Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain… all we know, is it’s the #trolldj — @slippycaff

NOTE: This is not a complete list, I go back through the #TrollDJ Tweets and put together what I can find as the ‘rough guide to the TrollDJ playlist’. All corrections and updates gratefully accepted.

A rough guide to the 2013 TrollDJ playlist

Saturday, June 29 – Stage 1
♫ The Coverbeats – Birthday
♫ Dropkick Murphys – The Boys Are Back :: and they’re looking for trouble!
♫ Queen – We Will Rock You (live) :: Gorilla rocking the intermediate sprint hit out between the sprinters
♫ Civil Civic – Street Trap :: a tune for all that street furniture
♫ Hey Geronimo – Why Don’t We Do Something? :: breakaway is caught, time for someone to do something. Game on!

TrollDJ Stage 1 by Toby Forage [Spotify]

Sunday, June 30 – Stage 2
♫ Paul Kelly – Dumb Things :: “I’ve done all the dumb things” #OGEBannerGate
♫ R L Burnside – It’s Bad You Know :: Stage 1 crash compilation
♫ Debussy / Philadelphia Orchestra – Clare De Lune :: the sights of Corsica
♫ Leftfield – Open Up :: Tommy V’s escapades “make room for me”
♫ Ron Sexsmith – Sneak Out the Back Door :: as we wave farewell to the sprinters
♫ Dan Tyminski – Knock Knock! :: The Peloton in action on a decent
♫ Crystal Fighters – I Do This Everyday :: Doing a turn up front
♫ The Sunny Cowgirls – Go You Good Thing

TrollDJ Stage 2 by Toby Forage [Spotify]

Monday, July 01 – Stage 3
♫ Boots Randolph – Yakety Sax (Benny Hill Theme) :: for a #RoadsidRandoms montage
♫ Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite – I’m in I’m Out and I’m Gone :: an ode to the breakies
♫ Ball Park Music – It’s nice to be Alive :: “I’m here and it’s nice to be alive” the magnificent coast of Corsica
♫ Pink – Try :: GT riding with a broken hip, that’s more than trying!
♫ Lenny Kravitz – Fly Away :: aerial shot montage
♫ Rene Geyer – Comin’ Home Baby :: and into the run home, 25km to go
♫ Ball Park Music – Great Display of Patience :: “been a long time, you’re all mine” Congrats to Gero!

TrollDJ Stage 3 by Toby Forage [Spotify]

Tuesday, July 02 – Stage 4
♫ Young MC – Bust A Move :: in early with the panel show’s highlight reel
♫ Boots Randolph – Yakety Sax (Benny Hill Theme) :: And #TrollDJ pulls Yakety Sax out for another run
♫ #TrollDJ reprise > Ron Sexsmith – Sneak Out the Back Door
♫ Stereophonics – We Share the Same Sun :: three days of Corsica
♫ #TrollDJ reprise > Ball Park Music – Great Display of Patience :: a stage win for OGE
♫ Emperors – Be Ready When I Say Go :: TTT start ramp action
♫ Band of Horses – Slow Cruel Hands of Time :: feeling the hands of time ticking away as you ride into the finish
♫ Wes Carr – Been A Long Time
♫ The Swingers – Counting the Beat :: “there ain’t no place I’d rather be” and Gerro into yellow
♫ Bon Jovi – Because We Can :: “because we can” and goodnight 🙂

TrollDJ Stage 4 by Toby Forage [Spotify]

Wednesday, July 03 – Stage 5
♫ Mahna Mahna – Mahna Mahna (The Muppet Show)
♫ Peter Frampton – Do You Feel Like We Do :: Celebrating an OGE win and Gerro in Yellow
♫ Cyber Orchestra – Inspector Gadget :: running repairs for Sagan’s cleats – go gadget go!
♫ Hey Geronimo – Carbon Affair :: yes, I am in love with my carbon frame – and what’s wrong with that? 😉
♫ Senor Coconut – Tour De France
♫ Prinnie & Mahala – The Hard Way :: GT punctures, just what you need riding with a broken hip
♫ Palma Violets – Step Up For The Cool Cats :: “You got me dancin’ in the sun” Dancing on the pedals or dancing on a CAT4?
♫ The Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling (Laidback Luke Remix) :: “that tonight’s gonna be a good night” Gerro still in yellow

TrollDJ Stage 5 by Toby Forage [Spotify]

Thursday, July 04 – Stage 6
♫ The Friends of Fur – Bohemian Rhapsody (From the Muppet Show) :: What a collection of Muppets! #kermitarms
♫ will.i.am feat ‘he who shall not be named’ – #thatPOWER (I’m Alive) :: stronger, faster (nice hastag in the song name btw)
♫ Josh Groben – You Are Loved – Don’t Give Up :: “Don’t give up because you are last” Bouhanni struggles at the rear
♫ Cosmo Javis – Love This :: “you don’t know how much I love this” OGE in Yellow
♫ 2CELLOS Sulic & Hauser – Technical Difficulties :: for a technical difficulties montage #magicspanner
♫ Hot Chip – Motion Sicknes :: a nervous peloton, Echelons!
♫ Muse – Follow Me :: ‘Follow me, you can follow me, I will protect you’ (Sagan coming back after a double puncture)
♫ C2C – Down the Road :: “Down the road I go” montage
♫ Seal – Big Time :: “This is the big time” crashes and rashes montage

TrollDJ Stage 6 by Toby Forage [Spotify]

Friday, July 05 – Stage 7
♫ A Brand – Humanoid :: Go Go Gorilla!
♫ Buchanan – Run Faster :: as Cav drops off the back in the first climb
♫ Violent Femmes – Blister In The Sun :: Hey Giro, no rain (or snow) here!
♫ Dwight Yoakam – Long Way To Go :: aerial views of the peloton montage
♫ Taio Cruz – Dynamite :: “It goes on, and on, and on” Sagan takes the vert points
♫ Urthboy – Stories :: “You gotta write ride it out”
♫ Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over :: The sprint chasers become Gran Fondo
♫ Dan Tyminski – Wheels :: with a montage on … wheels
♫ Kaiser Chiefs – On The Run :: “Oh, I live for these moments, just like this one”

TrollDJ Stage 7 by Toby Forage [Spotify]

Saturday, July 06 – Stage 8
♫ A Brand – You Work :: “you work, you eat, you drink, you sleep, you work ..” A bit of hard work going on there
♫ The Muppets – Movin’ Right Along :: A winner from the Troll #Kermitarms
♫ Rene Geyer – What A Wonderful World :: A wonderful scenery montage
♫ Placebo – Running Up That Hill :: Running Riding Up That Hill”
♫ Soggy Bottom Boys with Dan Tyminski – I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow :: Onto the climb and straight out the back
♫ Green Day – Loss of Control :: “we’re so crazy” some crazy descending techniques on display
♫ Dave Clark Five – You Got What It Takes:: “You got what it takes” Froome Dog inflicts the damage in Stage 8
♫ Dropkick Murphys – Out of our Heads :: Are we gonna make it, are we gonna let em know? (Know!)
♫ Alex Gaudino feat. Kelly Rowland – What a Feeling :: Like I’m on top of the world ; and goodnight 🙂

TrollDJ Stage 8 by Toby Forage [Spotify]

Sunday, July 07 – Stage 9
♫ Beatles – Helter Skelter :: “coming down fast but don’t let me break you” technical descents
♫ Trampled by Turtles – Again :: “take it all in, don’t let it burn you out”
♫ The Killers – All these Things That I’ve Done :: “Don’t you put me on the back foot” #YellForCadel
♫ Dropkick Murphys – The Warriors Code :: because it’s all won in the mountains and you “fight for your life”
♫ R.E.M. – Everybody Hurts :: “hold on, hold on” it’s only a Cat 1 climb o.O
♫ EMF – Unbelievable :: great win by Dan Martin
♫ Paramore – Now

TrollDJ Stage 9 by Toby Forage [Spotify]

Monday, July 08 – Rest Day 1
And the Troll spins a few tunes into the review show;
♫ Olly Murs feat. Flo Rida – Troublemaker :: “Heart Attack” montage of #RoadsideRandoms getting in the way of riders
♫ The Killers – All these Things That I’ve Done :: “Don’t you put me on the back foot”
♫ Thus Spoke Zarathustra :: the moonscape that is Mt Ventoux
♫ Daft Punk – Get Lucky :: “we’re up all night to get lucky” … and let’s see how lucky we are in week two!


Tuesday, July 09 – Stage 10
♫ John Newman – Love Me Again #TrollDJ #sbstdf and straight back from the rest day into some TrollDJ and a highlights montage 🙂
♫ Bibio – À tout à l’heure :: “a brief moment in time” the breakies are up the road, but they will be caught today
♫ Georgie Fame – Let The Good Times Roll :: rolling fun? 🙂 (Could’ve put a Rolland joke here)
♫ Matthew West – Survivors :: “we never give up, we never give in” SkyFall
♫ Two Door Cinema Club – Eat That Up, It’s Good For You :: feed zone – what’s in the musette today?
♫ Miles Kane – Start Of Something Big :: ‘polka dots’ : To Polka Dots on bike shorts, Australia says no!
♫ Salzberg Connecton – Finding Beauty :: the beauty of the French countryside
♫ The Sheepdogs – Feeling Good :: The Peloton feeling good (because there’s not 5 x cat climbs today)
♫ Bibio – À tout à l’heure :: “a brief moment in time” reprise
♫ Will.i.am ft. Eva Simons – This Is Love (Sidney Samson Remix)

TrollDJ Stage 10 by Toby Forage [Spotify]

Wednesday, July 10 – Stage 11
♫ R.L Burnside – Got Messed Up #TrollDJ #sbstdf Cav playing skittles with Argonauts
♫ Manfred Mann – 5 4 3 2 1 #TrollDJ #sbstdf counting down to the contenders in the ITT
♫ Rowlf (Muppet Show) – It’s Not Where You Start, It’s Where You Finish :: … and I’m gonna finish on time!
♫ Muse – Prelude :: Mont Saint Michel
♫ Imagine Dragons – It’s Time :: it’s all about the aero tonight, a matter of time.
♫ Cake – the Distance :: “He’s going the distance, He’s going for speed”
♫ Pete Murray – Always A Winner :: Go Cadel!
♫ The Killers – Flesh And Bone :: Some roadside art to adorn the ITT
♫ Editors – An End Has A Start

TrollDJ Stage 11 by Toby Forage [Spotify]

Thursday, July 11 – Stage 12
♫ Randy Newman – life has been good to me :: FroomeDog in yellow (where was roomey?)
♫ Bonjah – Evolution :: “When you stumble and hit the ground soul shaking. Get up and move on do it again you heartbreaker” #Crash!
♫ Martin Solveig & Cataracs Feat. Kyle – Hey Now (Club Mix) :: “I’m all alone now, check it out” out with the breakies
♫ Thom Shepherd – Perfect Bad Day :: mechanical collection Feat. #MagicSpanner
♫ Dean Martin – It’s a Good Day (Sittin’ on top of the World) :: A good day for Moooving along #LVDTSongs Moo!
♫ Chris Isak – Big Wide Wonderful World :: Chateau, Field Art, and vistas montage
♫ Jimmy Amason – Deadliest Catch :: “watching all around the world” (This one took a while to confirm, “all around the world” brings up multiple references to the “B” who shall not be named)
♫ Jake Bugg – Lightning Bolt :: “in the path of a lightning bolt” Kittel takes his 3rd win
♫ DJ Godfather (Katy Perry) – Firework :: Is Cav now the 2nd fastest sprinter?

TrollDJ Stage 12 by Toby Forage [Spotify]

Friday, July 12 – Stage 13
♫ Armin Van Buuren – This Is What It Feels Like :: Opening mointage
♫ Steve Balbi – From Love to Dust :: a montage of roadrash and crunching carbon fiber frames
♫ The Rolling Stones – Stop Breaking Down :: mechanical collection feat. Cav visiting the mobile cobbler.
♫ Modest Mouse – Float On :: Even if things get heavy, we’ll all float on. (before the wind!)
♫ Birds of Tokyo – This Fire :: the touch paper is lit, the echelons form and it’s game on!
♫ Paul Green & The Other Colours – Alive, Not Just Living :: you’ll know your alive if your trying to chase back on tonight
♫ Trampled by Turtles – Trouble :: Well “Trouble” does seem to be a good summary. Bertie in some real drama.
♫ Tijuana Cartel- Frequent Flyers :: Valverde is going to lose a lot of time here
♫ One Republic – Good Life :: field art and roadside entertainment montage
♫ Miles Kane – You’re Gonna Get It :: and Cav takes his 25th TDF stage win
♫ David Bowie – Set The World On Fire :: well the cross wind certainly set an ordinary flat stage on fire.

TrollDJ Stage 13 by Toby Forage [Spotify]

Saturday, July 13 – Stage 14
♫ Hunters & Colectors – Throw Your Arms Around Me :: Winners are grinners 🙂
♫ John Newman – Love Me Again :: do we ❤ Bertie after Saxo's efforts last night, not sure we have a quorum
♫ Tijuana Cartel – Kanned Arabs Yu Tu :: our 18 breakies are their own cartel
♫ Jerome Moross – The Big Country (Main Title) :: Some great views of the French country side
♫ Kaiser Chiefs – Never Miss A Beat (Cut Copy Remix) :: Why don’t you run away? (are you kiddin’?)
♫ Green Day – Let Yourself Go :: Burgie giving a master class in descending (As P&P would say: don’t do this at home)
♫ Prime Time TV – Mission Impossible Theme :: No way Hoogerland and Cunego were going to bridge that gap
♫ Of Monsters and Men – Slow and Steady :: Sky on front of the peloton grinding out a steady cadence
♫ The City of Prague Philamonic Orchestra – The Great Escape :: and it is a stage for the breakaway. Well done Trentin (OPQS)
♫ McFly – Love Is Easy :: Closing montage “Ooh I can’t believe that it’s so simple, It feels so natural to me”

TrollDJ Stage 14 by Toby Forage [Spotify]

Sunday, July 14 – Stage 15
♫ Edith Piaf – Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien ♫ :: for Bastille Day
♫ Indigenous – Hold On ::: The peloton playing chase the break
♫ Youngblood Hawke – We Come Running :: Movistar on front with a fast pace today
♫ James Dooley – Ascent :: The moonscape of Mont Ventoux
♫ Fun – Be Calm :: be calm, be calm. As we approach Ventoux the sprinters are anything but calm (call up the autobus) Action!
♫ Miles Kane – You’re Gonna Get It :: and FroomeDog gets the win on Ventoux
♫ Tightrope – Walk the Moon :: Montage of Froome’s podium presentation
♫ Rudimental – Not Giving In :: And a good night…

TrollDJ Stage 15 by Toby Forage [Spotify]

Monday, July 15 – Rest Day 2
♫ The Escape Club – Wild Wild West :: the Wild West of #RoadsideRandoms on Ventoux
♫ Plastic Bertrans – Ca Plane Pour Moi :: Sam Pang goes ‘Roy’! #SagWagon
♫ Matt Corby – Resolution :: Alpe d’Huez … what a monster of a climb
♫ Sarah Blasko – I Awake :: “Embrace the doubt and face the fear” FroomeDog wins on Ventoux

Tuesday, July 16 – Stage 16
♫ Kavinsky – Roadgame
♫ Muse – Survival
♫ The Fumes – Cuddle Up The Devil :: “I see the Devil down the road” Hi Didi
♫ Two Door Cinema Club – This Is the Life :: this is the life, riding through glorious alpine valleys
♫ Elmer Bernstein – The Magnificent Seven Theme :: The SkyTrain
♫ Alabama 3 – Speed of The Sound of Loneliness :: “Everybody gotta run sometime” A strung out peloton
♫ Noah and the Whale – Waiting For My Chance To Come :: The winner will come from the breakaway; who’s chance has come?
♫ John Hammond – This Train :: I don’t care who’s train it is, keep it out of the way of my bike race! 😉
♫ Foo Fighters – Breakout :: “One of these days I’ll chase you down” and I think these two will be caught
♫ Indigenous – Out of Nowhere :: A good win for Rui Costa into Gap
♫ We Are Scientists – Mucho Mas :: “I want more I want more” same bat channel, same bat time

TrollDJ Stage 16 by Toby Forage [Spotify]

Wednesday, July 17 – Stage 17 (ITT)
♫ The Tremeloes – Even The Bad Times Are Good :: the oops reel montage
♫ The Main STreet Band & Orchestra – I Wanna Be Like You :: featuring the flora and fauna of the #sbstdf
♫ The Rolling Stones – Time is On My Side :: who’s side will it be on tonight’s ITT?
♫ The Presets – Fast Seconds :: not sure we’ll see faster than TJ unless the course dries (and it did)
♫ The Doors – Riders on the Storm :: getting a bit wet out there now
♫ Beth N Ben – This Life :: Go Cadel!
♫ Jon Heintz – God in The Machine :: “what we all hope for, cos I was feeling fine before, but I feel much better now”
♫ Paul Greene & The Other Colours – Bad Luck Lately :: Bad luck on the reccy ride, broken collar bones – still a good ITT time. (Poor old Péraud)
♫ The Sheepdogs – Alright Ok :: “I’ve got time”
♫ The James Hunter Six – Minute by Minute :: and Goodnight

TrollDJ Stage 17 by Toby Forage [Spotify]

Thursday, July 18 – Stage 18
♫ Flight of the Conchords – Foux Da Fa Fa. :: #TrollDJ has been saving that one up!
♫ Tijuana Cartel – Not Coming Down Something New :: “Something new” Some Quintana magic
♫ London Philharmonic Orchestra – Hall of the Mountain King :: Alpe d’Huez that’s a King of a mountain!
♫ The Italian Job soundtrack – Getta Bloomin’ Move On! (Self Preservation Society) :: getting the autobus together for the afternoon
♫ George Thorogood & The Destroyers – Who Do You Love? :: the #RoadsideRandoms are out in force today
♫ Last Dinosaurs – Andy :: Andy attacks! Schleckavescence
♫ Thirsty Merc – Now or Never :: “I’m off my head” you possibly need to be to tuck in these descents 😉
♫ Queens of the Stone Age – Smooth Sailing :: “I’ve got nothing to lose” Bertie going for it tonight
♫ The Mavericks – Come Unto Me :: Get off the road you Muppet *whack!* // and good night!

TrollDJ Stage 18 by Toby Forage [Spotify]

Friday, July 19 – Stage 19
♫ Dan Tyminski – The One You Can Lean On :: “I’ll be with you” an ode to Richie Porte, super domestique
♫ Dana Lyons – Cows With Guns :: TrollDJ pulls out the big one! the #LVDT crowd goes mad MOOOOOO!
♫ City Calm Down – Pleasure & Consequence :: “damage will be done” mind those descents!
♫ Blazing Saddles – Blazing Saddles :: *insert chamois cream joke here*
♫ Brian Wilson – Love And Mercy :: “Love and mercy that’s what you need tonight” some riders are not enjoying the mountains
♫ Focus – Hocus Pocus :: “Yôi orôrôi rôrôrôi rôrôrôi rôrôrôi rôrôrôi ohrorô” my legs say similar things on climbs *Shut Up Legs!*
♫ The Fabulous Thunderbirds – Tuff Enuff :: a tough day in the office
♫ Creed – Rain :: “So let it rain down and wash everything away”
♫ Noiseworks – Touch :: “Reach out and touch somebody” hugs at the finish for Rui Costa’s win
♫ Midnight Juggernauts – Ballad of the War Machine :: // and goodnight

TrollDJ Stage 19 by Toby Forage [Spotify]

Saturday, July 20 – Stage 20
♫ John Hammond – Got My Mojo Working :: and Costa had his mojo working last night
♫ The Muppets – I Got Rhythm :: compliments an oops montage
♫ Incubus – If Not Now, When? :: “It’s time, It’s time” and it looks like FroomeDog will have the prize tomorrow
♫ Hungry Kids of Hungary – What in the World :: I’ll just put you into the gutter over here shall I? Rolland with track
♫ The Zombies – Hold Your Head Up :: the Jens off the front looking for a solo win ‘Hold your head high”
♫ Pink! – Good Old Days :: “But these are the good old days” some hopes dashed over the last fortnight
♫ James Dooley – The Great King :: some magnificent French Alpine scenery. Now, they are real mountains.
♫ Georgie Fame – I Love the Life I Live
♫ Thirty Seconds To Mars – Up In The Air

TrollDJ Stage 20 by Toby Forage [Spotify]

Sunday, July 21 – Stage 21
♫ Imagine Dragons – Radioactive :: “Welcome to the new age” TDF100 montage
♫ Green Day – Good Riddance [Time of your Life] :: Hope you had the time of your life
♫ James Brown – It Had to be You :: The Godfather of Soul tips his hat to Chris Froome.
♫ Frank Sinatra – Well Did You Evah? ::
♫ The Muppets – Movin’ Right Along ::
♫ Flight of the Concords – Au Revoir ::
♫ Ryan & Rachel O’Donell – Braveheart ::
♫ Art vs Science – Parlez-Vous Fancais ::
♫ The Sunny Cowgirls- Celebrate :: “So grab a glass, let’s celebrate”
♫ Newton Faulkner – If This is It ::

TrollDJ Stage 21 by Toby Forage [Spotify]

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6 Responses to #TrollDJ 2013 – the inconclusive list

  1. Sally Brady says:

    If I may humbly offer some little corrections: stage 1 Birthday was the real Beatles, not a cover band; Stage 3 Renee Geyer was singing with Paul Kelly not Ben Harper; Stage 6 Bohemian Rhapsody mash up was Future All Stars, not Friends Of Fur; and Stage 7: Bob Thiele (with Renee Geyer) was actually one of the composers, it was just Renee (and band) on the track; also “I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow” was by the Soggy Bottom Boys (including Dan Tyminski. Great work, ta!

    • Stage 1 – it was a cover band
      Stage 3 – Comin’ Home Baby Artist: Renee Geyer Composer: Ben Tucker
      Stage 6 – Released as “Friends Of Fur”
      Stage 8 – Soggy Bottom Boys with Dan Tyminski
      Stage 8 – Rene Geyer, written by Bob Thiele

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