This weeks links (2013-07-29)

In brief:

* The water tank, the Banksy prank, and the later life of the homeless ‘elephant man’ Tachowa Covington (2013-Jul-29) [The Independent]
Tim Walker tracks down the man forced out of his makeshift home by a few strokes of the brush – and discovers the extraordinary efforts by the street artist to make amends

* Geoblocking in Australia to be dismantled (2013-Jul-29) [ZDNet]

“The Committee recommends that the Australian Government amend the Copyright Act’s section 10(1) anti-circumvention provisions to clarify and secure consumers’ rights to circumvent technological protection measures that control geographic market segmentation,” the report reads.

* Inquiry into IT Pricing (2013-Jul-16) [Parliament of Australia: House of Representatives Committees]

* When ‘Smart Homes’ Get Hacked: I Haunted A Complete Stranger’s House Via The Internet (2013-Jul-26) [Forbes]

* Widespread online-only higher ed will be disastrous for students—and most professors (2013-Jul-25) [Slate]


* O’Grady case shows why an amnesty will never work (2013-Jul-29) [Cycling Central]

For all of O’Grady’s commendations, the fundamental point to take away from this sorry episode was that he avoided a chance to come forward when White was being slammed, and only made his final admission when he’d been all but completely exposed. Presumably, he would’ve taken it to his grave had he had the chance. Considering the admission was for an infringement in 1998, it falls well outside the statute of limitations. He could face no sanction. He was retiring, so he couldn’t lose his job.

Tour De Pologne
* 2013 Tour of Poland []
* 2013 Tour of Poland [Peloton Watch]

Some reading/listening:

LadySabre Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether
Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether is a webcomic created by Eisner Award winners Rick Burchett (The Batman and Robin Adventures, The Superman Adventures, Blackhawk, She-Hulk) and Greg Rucka (Whiteout, Stumptown, The Punisher, Detective Comics, Queen & Country, Alpha). Rick handles the beautiful art and Greg provides the story and the words. The whole work is overseen by editor, designer, and web-guru Eric Newsom.
Lady Sabre’s world is one of danger, adventure, and deception, filled with clockwork monstrosities, dire magic, and noble hearts. It is a world flavored by Victorian England and late 19th century Europe and the Old West. It is a world of cannon fire and steel meeting steel, brass gears meshing seamlessly with steam-driven pistons, a world of passion and humor and a dash of romance.
Currently free online and updates every Monday and Thursday.

Something from Bandcamp:

The Cat n' Fiddle by Rapskallion (who will be playing at Steamfest Australia)

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