2013 Banff Mountain Film Festival Radical Reels

Radical Reels Tour
Every year, the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival presents the wildly popular Radical Reels night – a presentation of the best high-adrenaline films entered into the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival competition. Inspired by the excitement of the Festival event, the Radical Reels Tour has been travelling with a selection of the hottest action sports films since 2004. … The Radical Reels program is made up of short, action-packed climbing, paddling, mountain biking, BASE jumping, skiing, snowboarding, and other adrenaline sport films. We always keep an eye out for films that feature a fresh approach, a new sport, and a radically independent spirit. — www.banffcentre.ca

Melbourne: 21, 22, 23 November 2013
The Capitol Theatre RMIT
113 Swanston Street

[1] BANFF Mountain Film Festival – Radical Reels Tour (2013-Jul-30) [banffaustralia.com.au]
[2] 2013 Radical Reels Films (2013-Jul-30) [www.banffcentre.ca]

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